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Setup macOS Sierra (10.12)

Setup macOS

I'm in a hospital in Spain and my MacBook was stolen.

Hospital Commit

Now I bought a new one and need to configure it. I have an AirPort Time Capsule that backs up everything using Time Machine, but I don't want all the crap I had in the old one. So let's get our hands dirty!

1. Update OS to latest version

Make sure everything is up to date.

Software Update

2. Install Xcode and its "Command Line Tools"

  1. Go to App Store and install Xcode.
  2. Open and accept the terms
  3. Then go to the terminal and install "Command Line Tools":
xcode-select --install

Notice this only works for Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) and above. For earlier versions, continue to use the in-app download in Xcode.

3. Install Dotfiles

Visit my Dotfiles repo for instructions.

This will install some useful stuff like zsh shell and lots of plugins using oh-my-zsh. Besides that, it will also set a new theme and some useful aliases for the terminal.

4. Install Softwares

Many softwares can be installed through homebrew-cask which makes the process way simpler:

curl -L | sh

What's included?

For fun
App Store

Unfortunately some apps aren't available through homebrew-cask, so you need to install it manually.

5. Generate SSH keys for GitHub

Visit GitHub's official guide for instructions.

From that point on you're going to be able to do some git operations with GitHub \o/

6. Set Chrome Canary as default browser

  1. Launch System Preferences
  2. General ➜ Default Web Browser
  3. Select “Chrome Canary” from the drop-down menu

7. Configure Sublime Text

Visit my Sublime Text preferences repo for instructions.

There you can find the whole list of plugins, preferences and snippets.

8. Install Alfred Workflows

Visit my Alfred workflow collection repo for instructions.

9. Set NPM user

npm adduser zenorocha

10. Profit!


# homebrew-cask
brew tap caskroom/cask
brew tap caskroom/versions
# browsers
brew cask install google-chrome
brew cask install google-chrome-canary
brew cask install firefox
brew cask install firefox-beta
brew cask install safari-technology-preview
# coding
brew cask install kaleidoscope
brew cask install iterm
brew cask install mou
brew cask install parallels-desktop
brew cask install paw
brew cask install sourcetree
brew cask install sublime-text
# essential
brew cask install 1password
brew cask install adobe-photoshop-cs6
brew cask install alfred
brew cask install dropbox
brew cask install evernote
brew cask install licecap
# for fun
brew cask install spotify
brew cask install vlc
brew cask install webtorrent
# other
brew cask install bartender
brew cask install istat-menus
brew cask install screenflow
brew cask install skype
brew cask install slack
brew cask install the-unarchiver

Zeno, just a little correction:
In "install softwares" section, I think should be, right?

Great setup, btw. =)

Just so you know, you don't have to download xCode to use xcode-select --install. Unless you need the entire IDE, the cli tools including the gcc compiler come by just running that command.

Take a look at this:

Error: No available cask for firefox-aurora
Error: No available cask for google-chrome-canary
Error: No available cask for sublime-text-3
Error: No available cask for source-tree
Error: No available cask for u-torrent

zenorocha commented Mar 20, 2014

@diessica, just fixed that URL.

I tried it yesterday and still getting errors on firefox-aurora, google-chrome-canary and u-torrent. Could you please fix them. Thanks

Some of them have changed the name, for example: sourcetree instead of source-tree.

Helped me a lot. Thanks guy.

@brunocoelho and @halisz try installing the homebrew-versions... this should enable firefox-aurora and chrome-canary

Thanks Lucas, the home-brew-version did the trick :) Cheers

cool dude !

tucq88 commented Oct 22, 2014

do you plan to make a version for 10.10. Some apps may changed.

According to the Cask docs you can use --appdir=/Applications to create symlinks in /Applications (default is to use ~/Applications). Isn't that easier than moving them as you recommend? (not tested by me)

Cheers @zenorocha, I've just sorted out my new Mac setup workflow and picked up a few tips here 😄, thanks @lucasmotta for the heads up on homebrew-versions too! 👍

@zenorocha, sublime-text-3 is not working instead sublime-text3 is working, i meant in the the line containing brew cask install sublime-text-3.

brew tap caskroom/versions
brew cask install sublime-text3

amazing work! thanks for the post :)

Dorian commented Sep 26, 2016

Some apps can be installed through brew cask:

  • Caffeine: brew cask install caffeine
  • CloudApp: brew cask install cloud
  • Dash: brew cask install dash

z00m1n commented Dec 7, 2016

mou doesn't seem to support Sierra yet:

osx-1012:~ username$ brew cask install Caskroom/cask/mou
==> Satisfying dependencies
Error: Cask mou depends on macOS release <= 10.11, but you are running release 10.12.
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