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Jade zjhiphop

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# This configuration file is provided on an "as is" basis,
# with no warranties or representations, and any use of it
# is at the user's own risk.
user www-data;
worker_processes 4;
pid /run/;
events {
worker_connections 768;
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var countries_data = {"type":"FeatureCollection","features":[
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View MongoDB-UserCollection-Data-Change_Send-Change-SocketIO.js
/* MongoDB-UserCollection-Data-Change_Send-Change-SocketIO.js */
'use strict'
module.exports = function (
User // Collection Name
) {
const changeStream =;
zjhiphop / main.go
Created Mar 19, 2019 — forked from shellmanme/main.go
mongo-go-driver Demo
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package main
import (
zjhiphop /
Created Mar 13, 2019 — forked from littlecodersh/
Main script behind itchat robot
import itchat
# tuling plugin can be get here:
from tuling import get_response
def text_reply(msg):
if u'作者' in msg['Text'] or u'主人' in msg['Text']:
return u'你可以在这里了解他:'
zjhiphop /
Created Nov 6, 2018 — forked from flackend/
Instructions for setting up CDPATH completions on Mac.



This will allow you to include additional directories to what cd will look at for completions. From the bash man page:

The search path for the cd command. This is a colon-separated list of directories in which the shell looks for destination directories specified by the cd command.


zjhiphop / public-stun-list.txt
Created Jul 24, 2018 — forked from mondain/public-stun-list.txt
Public STUN server list
View public-stun-list.txt
zjhiphop / the-scratch.conf
Created Jul 4, 2018 — forked from korczis/the-scratch.conf
Nginx Node.js Proxy with caching, websockets, gzip
View the-scratch.conf
proxy_cache_path /var/cache/nginx/cache levels=1:2 keys_zone=cache:8m max_size=3000m inactive=600m;
proxy_temp_path /var/tmp;
# the IP(s) on which your node server is running. I chose port 3000.
upstream app_the_scratch {
server weight=1 fail_timeout=60s;
# the nginx server instance
server {
zjhiphop /
Created Jan 24, 2018 — forked from dmnsgn/
A collection of WebGL frameworks and libraries

A non-exhaustive list of WebGL frameworks and libraries. It is mostly for learning purposes as some of the libraries listed are outdated/not maintained anymore.

Engines and libraries

  • three.js: JavaScript 3D library
  • an open software ecosystem for WebGL, built on top of browserify and npm.
  • PixiJS: Super fast HTML 5 2D rendering engine that uses webGL with canvas fallback
  • Pex: Pex is a javascript 3d library / engine allowing for seamless development between Plask and WebGL in the browser.
  • Babylon.js: a complete JavaScript framework for building 3D games with HTML 5 and WebGL
  • SceneJS: An extensible WebGL-based engine for high-detail 3D visualisation
  • Blend4Web: a tool for interactive 3D visualization on the Internet
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