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Hack to choose the displayed carrier name in the iOS simulator
// Copyright (c) 2012-2015 Cédric Luthi / @0xced. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
static const char *fakeCarrier;
static const char *fakeTime;
#import <objc/runtime.h>
@interface XCDFakeCarrier : NSObject
@implementation XCDFakeCarrier
Runtime offsets for the -[UIStatusBarComposedData rawData] struct
struct {
BOOL itemIsEnabled[27];
BOOL timeString[64];
int gsmSignalStrengthRaw;
int gsmSignalStrengthBars;
BOOL serviceString[100];
static NSUInteger timeStringOffset;
static NSUInteger timeStringSize;
static NSUInteger gsmSignalStrengthBarsOffset;
static NSUInteger gsmSignalStrengthBarsSize;
static NSUInteger serviceStringOffset;
static NSUInteger serviceStringSize;
+ (void) load
fakeCarrier = getenv("FAKE_CARRIER");
if (!fakeCarrier)
NSLog(@"You must set the FAKE_CARRIER environment variable");
fakeTime = getenv("FAKE_TIME");
const Class UIStatusBarComposedData = objc_getClass("UIStatusBarComposedData");
const Method rawData = class_getInstanceMethod(UIStatusBarComposedData, sel_getUid("rawData"));
const char *typeEncoding = method_getTypeEncoding(rawData);
if (typeEncoding)
NSRegularExpression *typeEncodingRegularExpression = [NSRegularExpression regularExpressionWithPattern:@"\\^(\\{\\?=\\[\\d+[Bc]\\]\\[\\d+c\\]ii\\[\\d+c\\])" options:(NSRegularExpressionOptions)0 error:NULL];
NSString *typeEncodingString = @(typeEncoding);
NSTextCheckingResult *typeEncodingMatch = [typeEncodingRegularExpression firstMatchInString:typeEncodingString options:(NSMatchingOptions)0 range:NSMakeRange(0, typeEncodingString.length)];
if (typeEncodingMatch.numberOfRanges > 1)
NSString *partialTypeEncoding = [[typeEncodingString substringWithRange:[typeEncodingMatch rangeAtIndex:1]] stringByAppendingString:@"}"];
NSMethodSignature *methodSignature = [NSMethodSignature signatureWithObjCTypes:partialTypeEncoding.UTF8String];
NSString *parsedTypeEncoding = methodSignature.debugDescription;
NSRegularExpression *parsedTypeEncodingRegularExpression = [NSRegularExpression regularExpressionWithPattern:@"^ memory \\{offset = (\\d+), size = (\\d+)\\}" options:NSRegularExpressionAnchorsMatchLines error:NULL];
NSArray<NSTextCheckingResult *> *offsetMatches = [parsedTypeEncodingRegularExpression matchesInString:parsedTypeEncoding options:(NSMatchingOptions)0 range:NSMakeRange(0, parsedTypeEncoding.length)];
if (offsetMatches.count == 5)
timeStringOffset = [[parsedTypeEncoding substringWithRange:[offsetMatches[1] rangeAtIndex:1]] integerValue];
timeStringSize = [[parsedTypeEncoding substringWithRange:[offsetMatches[1] rangeAtIndex:2]] integerValue];
gsmSignalStrengthBarsOffset = [[parsedTypeEncoding substringWithRange:[offsetMatches[3] rangeAtIndex:1]] integerValue];
gsmSignalStrengthBarsSize = [[parsedTypeEncoding substringWithRange:[offsetMatches[3] rangeAtIndex:2]] integerValue];
serviceStringOffset = [[parsedTypeEncoding substringWithRange:[offsetMatches[4] rangeAtIndex:1]] integerValue];
serviceStringSize = [[parsedTypeEncoding substringWithRange:[offsetMatches[4] rangeAtIndex:2]] integerValue];
BOOL isTimeStringOK = timeStringOffset > 0 && timeStringSize > 0;
BOOL isSignalStrengthBarsOK = gsmSignalStrengthBarsOffset > 0 && gsmSignalStrengthBarsSize == sizeof(int);
BOOL isServiceStringOK = serviceStringOffset > 0 && serviceStringSize > 0;
if (isTimeStringOK && isSignalStrengthBarsOK && isServiceStringOK)
const SEL fakeSelector = @selector(fake_rawData);
const Method fakeRawData = class_getInstanceMethod(self, fakeSelector);
if (class_addMethod(UIStatusBarComposedData, fakeSelector, method_getImplementation(fakeRawData), typeEncoding))
method_exchangeImplementations(rawData, class_getInstanceMethod(UIStatusBarComposedData, fakeSelector));
NSLog(@"Using \"%s\" fake carrier", fakeCarrier);
NSLog(@"XCDFakeCarrier failed to initialize");
- (void *) fake_rawData
char *rawData = [self fake_rawData];
BOOL isEmptyCarrier = [@(fakeCarrier ?: "") stringByTrimmingCharactersInSet:[NSCharacterSet whitespaceAndNewlineCharacterSet]].length == 0;
BOOL isEmptyTime = [@(fakeTime ?: "") stringByTrimmingCharactersInSet:[NSCharacterSet whitespaceAndNewlineCharacterSet]].length == 0;
if (isEmptyCarrier && isEmptyTime)
bzero(rawData, serviceStringOffset + serviceStringSize);
return rawData;
strlcpy(rawData + serviceStringOffset, fakeCarrier, serviceStringSize);
if (fakeTime)
strlcpy(rawData + timeStringOffset, fakeTime, timeStringSize);
int gsmSignalStrengthBars = 5;
memcpy(rawData + gsmSignalStrengthBarsOffset, &gsmSignalStrengthBars, gsmSignalStrengthBarsSize);
BOOL enableSignalBars = YES;
memcpy(rawData + 3, &enableSignalBars, sizeof(enableSignalBars));
BOOL enableBatteryLevelPercentage = YES;
memcpy(rawData + 8, &enableBatteryLevelPercentage, sizeof(enableBatteryLevelPercentage));
0 center Time
1 right Do not Sisturb
2 left Airplane
3 left Signal Bars
4 left Carrier
5 left Wi-Fi
6 right Time
7 right Battery Logo
8 right Battery Level Percentage
9 right Battery Level Percentage
10 right Bluetooth Battery
11 right Bluetooth
12 right TTY
13 right Alarm
14 right Plus
15 unknown
16 right Location Service
17 right Rotation Lock
18 unknown
19 right AirPlay
20 right Siri
21 left Play
22 left VPN
23 left Call Forward
24 left Network Activity Indicator
25 left Black Square
return rawData;

Nice for taking screenshots or recording screencasts. Does even run on device!


Doesn't work on iOS Simulator 6.0, at least for me. (Failed to initialize).


It is now working on iOS 6.0 and 6.1.


Nice job on this, great hack.


Perfect, thanks for this!


I'm getting this error ld: 2 duplicate symbols for architecture i386, any ideas>


Never mind, I ended up putting some code into a h file and imported that into my app delegate which solved the problem :)


Hi, this is awesome, but I can't figure out how to display the cellular bar strength and eliminate the WiFi signal Icon. Anyone have insight?



A rough example of how to customize other parts of the status bar is available here:


Looks like this broke with iOS 8.3.


Replace statusBarDataInfo with the below & it should work in 8.3 :)

NSDictionary *statusBarDataInfo = @{ @"^{?=[26c][64c]ii[100c]": @"fake_rawData",
                                         // use B instead of c for 64-bit
                                         @"^{?=[26B][64c]ii[100c]": @"fake_rawData" };

It’s working again for iOS 8 and 9 and should even be future proof now!


how to make it work on iPhone 6s? It tried to make it 64 bit like:

NSDictionary *statusBarDataInfo = @{ @"^{?=[25B][64B]ii[100B]": @"fake_rawData",
                                     // use B instead of c for 64-bit
                                     @"^{?=[25B][64c]ii[100c]": @"fake_rawData" };

but didn't work :(


@Pranoy1c It’s not about the iPhone 6S, it’s about the iOS version. Please try updating to the latest version of the gist.

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