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mehdithe commented May 10, 2017 edited

hey Adam, i 'am a Huge Fan of the Show .

1 - i was wandering what would you recommend as a front-end framework/technologie to make beautiful java EE applications ? (i'm thinking Angular 2 )
2 - can you explain JWT Authentication with java EE restful WebServices ?

Mehdi .

dempile commented May 10, 2017 edited

Hi Adam, thanks for this space of knowledge

I hava a question : I'm looking for a good project where you can focus only on business layer so all the stuff are pre built with :
1- authentication
2- managing users , roles , menus,
3- templating
4- cache management
5- clustering management
A kind of project that can be used from any new developer to create an enterprise application. something like what jHipster did with Spring,

thank you

johnhogan commented May 17, 2017 edited

Hello Adam. In some of your previous presentations and blog entries, you've talked about how you're mostly just using .war file deployments these days. If I'm remembering correctly some of the rationale was based on things like CAP Theorum, and simpler alternatives for achieving high availability. Do you think that .ear deployments have become completely passé? If not, can you touch on some of the edge cases where they are still a valid solution? Thank you.

John Hogan

Hi Adam,

I have a JavaEE7 backend REST service and an Angular4 client. What approaches can I use to filter the properties during serialization to decrease the size of the data sent to the client and it's not used.
For example:
I have the following classes and I want to filter some properties that I'm not going to use in the operation that the user is accesing:

public class SubComponent{ long id; String property1; String property2; String property3; }
public class Component1{ long id; String property1; String property2; String property3; SubComponent component; }
public class Class1{ long id: String property1; String property2; String property3; Component1 component; }
public class ClassSentToClient{ long id; String property1; String property2; String property3; List<Class1> children; }



mehdithe commented May 23, 2017 edited

hello again,
could you please give an example on how to use jpa with a wildfly server, and how can we define the persistance unit . and inject an entity manager , (i tried defining a jta-datasource but with no luck i still find errors whenever i try to deploy my application to wildfly) please help .

Mehdi .

Hi Adam,
what about testing of @asynchronous methods? Are there any useful libraries for that? Thanks

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