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Genevieve Buckley GenevieveBuckley

  • Monash University
  • Melbourne
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GenevieveBuckley / pip_install_directly_from_github
Last active Apr 24, 2019
pip install code directly from a github repository
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# pip install code directly from github with:
pip install git+
# Note: the repository must include file to be pip installable.
# Presumably, you can also specify a specific repository branch with:
pip install git+
GenevieveBuckley /
Last active Apr 16, 2019 — forked from emmanuelle/
Inspect which functions of scikit-image are compatible with 3-D arrays.
import numpy as np
import inspect
from skimage import exposure, feature, filters, measure, morphology, \
restoration, segmentation, transform, util
def only_one_nondefault(args):
Returns True if the function has only one non-keyword parameter,
False otherwise.
GenevieveBuckley /
Created Apr 15, 2019
Log all uncaught exceptions to file with sys.excepthook
import os
import logging
import sys
import time
import traceback
from mypackage import __version__
def _exception_handler(error_type, error_value, error_traceback):
GenevieveBuckley / pytest.ini
Last active Apr 4, 2019
Pytest configuration file
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addopts = --cov-report xml:cov.xml --cov-report term-missing --cov=mypackagename
GenevieveBuckley / link_with_spaces.rst
Created Apr 3, 2019
Link with spaces in restructured text (.rst) files
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# delete local tag '12345'
git tag -d 12345
# delete remote tag '12345' (eg, GitHub version too)
git push origin :refs/tags/12345
# alternative approach
git push --delete origin tagName
git tag -d tagName
GenevieveBuckley / settings.json
Last active Mar 25, 2019
Visual Studio Code settings.json config file
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"": "C:\\Windows\\System32\\cmd.exe",
"editor.rulers": [
"autoDocstring.docstringFormat": "numpy",
"python.linting.pylintEnabled": false,
"python.linting.flake8Enabled": true,
"window.zoomLevel": 0,
"python.formatting.provider": "autopep8",
GenevieveBuckley /
Created Mar 15, 2019
User input in python using a while loop
response_yes = ['yes', 'y']
response_no = ['no', 'n']
response_cancel = ['quit', 'q', 'exit', 'cancel']
known_responses = response_yes + response_no + response_cancel
user_response = ''
while user_response.lower() not in known_responses:
user_response = input("Please input a value, or enter 'quit': ")
GenevieveBuckley / requirements.txt
Last active Mar 14, 2019
Template requirements.txt file
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GenevieveBuckley / environment.yml
Last active Mar 14, 2019
Template conda environment.yml file
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name: envname
- defaults
- conda-forge
- python=3
- pytest
- pytest-cov
- pytest-flake8
- coveralls
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