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using OpenQA.Selenium;
using OpenQA.Selenium.Edge;
using System;
namespace EdgeDriverTests
public class Program
* This assumes you have added MicrosoftWebDriver.exe to your System Path.
* For help on adding an exe to your System Path, please see:
static void Main(string[] args)
/* You can find the latest version of Microsoft WebDriver here:
var driver = new EdgeDriver();
// Navigate to Bing
driver.Url = "";
// Find the search box and query for webdriver
var element = driver.FindElementById("sb_form_q");

cocasio commented Aug 24, 2015

Using Edge Browser 20.10240.16384.0 : WebDriver 10.0.10240.0 this code generate an error: An exception of type 'OpenQA.Selenium.WebDriverException' occurred in WebDriver.dll but was not handled in user code
Additional information: The HTTP request to the remote WebDriver server for URL
http://localhost:51421/session timed out after 60 seconds.

using OpenQA.Selenium.Edge;

do u mean 'import org.openqa.selenium.Edge;' Edge class is not there in the package sir ...

and when i copy the code 'System.Environment.Is64BitOperatingSystem' : Environment is also not defined ..

Please help me to execute my first test in edge....

@cocasio Change the Edge home page to an actual page (ie. instead of the default "Start page" option. I struggled with this for a bit. I suppose it's because the driver requests a session and since there's no page loaded there isn't a session and it hangs.

Im having the same problem as Cocasio had, also tried to change the default page to a actual page, but sill no luck, shows an error: No such driver, do you have any clue on this one?


InstyleVII commented Apr 6, 2016

Updated the gist, give it a try now

What Cocasio has got error, still same error is getting for me. The alternative way to invoke edge browser is:
1)run microsoftwebdriver.exe in a cmd prompt
2)IWebDriver driver =null;
desiredCapabilities = DesiredCapabilities.Edge();
driver = new RemoteWebDriver(new Uri(""), desiredCapabilities);

And then you can write navigate, click all statements. this works for me. But for the above error microsoft team should show us a solution.


I am getting driver as null on "driver = new EdgeDriver(serverPath, options)", not sure what is causing the issue. Edge is opened and then I get the error. In Catch statement I get "unknown error".

Quick help will be appreciated.

Deepesh Verma

Sorry, I have fixed the issue, was using incorrect web driver for edge

Deepesh Verma.

hi, how to we set
'prompt_for_download': false

in a protractor config file for edge driver?


InstyleVII commented Aug 7, 2017

I've updated the public gist to no longer require RemoteWebDriver and be a simpler example.

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