View BasePresenter.php
* @author Filip Procházka <>
abstract class BasePresenter extends Nette\Application\UI\Presenter
* @var \Img\ImagePipe
View autosave.js
var AutoSave = (function(){
var timer = null;
function getEditor(){
var elems = document.getElementsByTagName("textarea")
if (elems.length <= 0)
return null;
View autosave.js
$(document).ready(function() {
// Recovery Below
// Retrieve the object from storage onReady
var autosave = localStorage.getItem('file');
View NetteCsvResponse.php
namespace Nette\Application\Responses;
use Nette;
* CSV download response.
* Under New BSD license.

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Advanced SCSS

Or, 16 cool things you may not have known your stylesheets could do. I'd rather have kept it to a nice round number like 10, but they just kept coming. Sorry.

I've been using SCSS/SASS for most of my styling work since 2009, and I'm a huge fan of Compass (by the great @chriseppstein). It really helped many of us through the darkest cross-browser crap. Even though browsers are increasingly playing nice with CSS, another problem has become very topical: managing the complexity in stylesheets as our in-browser apps get larger and larger. SCSS is an indispensable tool for dealing with this.

This isn't an introduction to the language by a long shot; many things probably won't make sense unless you have some SCSS under your belt already. That said, if you're not yet comfy with the basics, check out the aweso

View flatten.php
// Requires PHP 5.3+
// Found here:
function flatten_array(array $array) {
$flattened_array = array();
array_walk_recursive($array, function($a) use (&$flattened_array) { $flattened_array[] = $a; });
return $flattened_array;
View gist:b02e1586ceb9c2af4d41c770fc4620d9
<script type="text/javascript" src=";sensor=false"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var map;
var Markers = {};
var infowindow;
var locations = [
'Samsung Store Madeleine',
'<strong>Samsung Store Madeleine</strong><p>5 Boulevard Malesherbes, 75008 Paris<br>10h – 20h</p>',
View gist:74c6cfb3e890e1fe5dbee17328a31c3d
function human_filesize($bytes, $decimals = 2) {
$size = array('B','kB','MB','GB','TB','PB','EB','ZB','YB');
$factor = floor((strlen($bytes) - 1) / 3);
return sprintf("%.{$decimals}f", $bytes / pow(1024, $factor)) . @$size[$factor];
echo human_filesize(filesize(''));
View curl_example.php
function check_alive($url, $timeout = 10, $successOn = array(200, 301)) {
$ch = curl_init($url);
// Set request options
curl_setopt_array($ch, array(
CURLOPT_TIMEOUT => $timeout,