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Make your own Touch ID Button

Tools Needed

  • iFixit iOpener Set
  • T4 Screwdriver
  • T3 Screwdriver


  1. Soften adhesive using iOpener IMG_1610

  2. After about 60~90 seconds, use Opening Picks (or a slot screwdriver that's thin enough to fit) to pry open the back cover from upper right corner IMG_1611

  3. Apply more forces to completely remove the back cover IMG_1612

  4. Disconnect the battery IMG_1614 IMG_1615

  5. Remove the screws (T4) that keeping the black plate attached to the frame and remove the black plate

  6. Disconnect all 3 connectors from the logic board and take out the logic board from the Keyboard frame IMG_1616 IMG_1618

  7. Remove the Lightning connector (T3) IMG_1620

  8. Remove the power switch from upper left corner (T3)

  9. Carefully remove the sticker(?) from the connector and disconnect Touch ID sensor from the connector IMG_1621

  10. Unscrew the mounting screws around the Touch ID sensor (T3), and remove the Touch ID sensor L1030076

  11. Carefully remove the flex cable used to connect Touch ID sensor

Now you have all the parts to put together a standalone Touch ID device for your Apple silicon Mac.

After connecting the Lightning connector and Touch ID sensor back to the logic board, you can pair the Touch ID sensor with your Mac under System Preferences.

If the pairing step doesn't appear when you go to Touch ID settings -> add a new fingerprint, make sure the Touch ID sensor is correctly connected and try power cycle the Touch ID device.

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alecbramham commented May 12, 2022

With the sensor being a distinct unit with standard screws and an easy connector, it's almost like they want you to take it & put it somewhere else!
Great little tutorial!

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