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View Pricing Plans Design Checklist
1. Highlight a recommended option,

2. Allow users to switch currency (€/$/£)

3. Allow users to switch pricing monthly/yearly

4. Keep the entire pricing plan area clickable

5. Use slider to calculate how much a user would save

6. Provide free first month for good engagement

7. Prominently highlight testimonials prominently

8. Repeating call to action on top and bottom

9. Sell benefits instead of features

10. Indicate that users can cancel any time

Vestride /
Last active Sep 22, 2020
Encoding video for the web

Encoding Video


Install FFmpeg with homebrew. You'll need to install it with a couple flags for webm and the AAC audio codec.

brew install ffmpeg --with-libvpx --with-libvorbis --with-fdk-aac --with-opus
willurd /
Last active Sep 28, 2020
Big list of http static server one-liners

Each of these commands will run an ad hoc http static server in your current (or specified) directory, available at http://localhost:8000. Use this power wisely.

Discussion on reddit.

Python 2.x

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000
ndarville /
Last active Sep 28, 2020
Business models based on the compiled list at I find the link very hard to browse, so I made a simple version in Markdown instead.

Business Models


Models Examples
Display ads Yahoo!
Search ads Google
btbytes /
Created Aug 19, 2011
Datestamped backup of git repositories managed by gitosis
#A script to backup all the git repositories managed by gitosis
#and create a date stamped tarball.
#Pradeep Gowda
Kilian / annoying.js
Created Jan 6, 2011
How to be an asshole
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* Annoying.js - How to be an asshole to your users
* Copyright (c) 2011 Kilian Valkhof (
* Visit for more information and changelogs.
* Visit for the introduction and weblog
* Check out if you want to annoy developer instead of visitors
stagas / how-to-run-apache-and-node.js-together-the-right-way.markdown
Created Dec 24, 2010
How to run Apache and Node.js together (the right way)
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Step 1

Get a VPS that offers 2 or more IP addresses.

Step 2

From the WHM cPanel, find the menu item Service Configuration, select Apache Configuration and then click on Reserved IPs Editor.

Step 3

mathiasbynens / jquery.cookie.js
Created May 13, 2010
Improved jQuery.cookie plugin
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