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List of free rfc3161 servers.

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trinhpham commented Jul 13, 2018

I'm finding a free TSA that optimized for Asia users.
Do you know any?

(All above servers take at least 200ms for a ping response)

PS: The first server I've found is: (~75ms)


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seagate00 commented Nov 25, 2018

I finded new TSA server. You can use


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haleba-hotmail commented Jan 13, 2019

@Manouchehri ,,

Thanks for compiling this list.

My interest is in free general-purpose timestamping service (e.g. stamping pdf, zip files) and this page was near the top of Google's search results, so a good starting point for a comprehensive list of freeTSA servers, but some of the links appear to be dead : address could not be found for either the full URL or the base address : has been retired by Symantec and replaced with (see INFORMATIONAL | Discontinued Use of (Legacy) SHA1 RFC 3161 timestamp service - DigiCert) and appears to be a direct link to their RFC3161 timestamper and not a "landing" page.

Not 100% certain but it looks like the "timestamp.dll" links are direct RFC3161 timestamp server links designed to be used for code-signing only (possibly by Microsoft's SignTool).

For what I came to this page for the best current (1/19/2019) link for genuinely free general-purpose timestamping is No time to go through all the links, but this of interest so I will update this comment as time allows.

Thanks again for the scholarship compiling this resource.


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mcarpenterjr commented Jan 25, 2019

Excellent resource! Is anyone generating, signing and timestamping PDFs on the fly? Currently working with TCPDF which signs ok but does not have time stamping implemented.

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