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Alex Pretzlav Pretz

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marcedwards / perlintextdisplacement.pde
Created Apr 9, 2019
Perlin noise text displacement
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// Perlin noise text displacement.
// Created using Processing 3.5.3.
// Code by @marcedwards from @bjango.
PGraphics textbuffer;
void setup() {
rnapier / json.swift
Last active Jul 27, 2020
Generic JSON Decodable
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import Foundation
enum JSON: Codable, CustomStringConvertible {
var description: String {
switch self {
case .string(let string): return "\"\(string)\""
case .number(let double):
if let int = Int(exactly: double) {
return "\(int)"
steipete / gist:d9b44d8e9f341e81414e86d7ff8fb62d
Last active Mar 4, 2021
Using iOS 14 devices with Xcode 11.5 (instead of Xcode 12)
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// The trick is to link the DeviceSupport folder from the beta to the stable version.
// sudo needed if you run the Mac App Store version. Always download the dmg instead... you'll thank me later :)
// Support iOS 14 devices (Xcode 12.0) with Xcode 11.5:
sudo ln -s /Applications/ /Applications/
// Then restart Xcode and reconnect your devices. You will need to do that for every beta of future iOS versions
View with.swift
// @discardableResult to be added
// @noescape needs to move to type annotation
// needs to add _ for item
public func with<T>(item: T, @noescape update: (inout T) throws -> Void) rethrows -> T {
var this = item; try update(&this); return this
billwang1990 / ObjectMapper+Alamofire+RxSwift
Created Oct 30, 2015
View ObjectMapper+Alamofire+RxSwift
// RxAlamofireObjMapper.swift
// RXDemo
// Created by Yaqing Wang on 10/30/15.
// Copyright © 2015 All rights reserved.
import Foundation
import Alamofire
mackuba /
Last active Dec 28, 2020
New stuff from WWDC 2015

Here's my own list of the interesting stuff announced during this year's WWDC, collected from the keynotes, various Apple docs, blog posts and tweets.

If you're planning to watch the videos, I really recommend this Mac app that helps you download and watch them:

OS X El Capitan

  • split view - two apps side by side on full screen
View gist:d91aef87e95f99c094c0

Swift Don'ts

  • Don't add code cruft. Avoid parentheses around conditions in if-statements or with the return keyword. Don't add semicolons except where syntactically demanded in statements or to separate statements on the same line.
  • Don't use ALL_CAPS; use camelCase
  • Don't fight type inference. Use enumeration prefixes, self-references, and class names (with constructors) only when necessary or to clarify coding intent.
  • Don't use var when let is appropriate, especially for properties. The compiler better optimizes let statements for items whose values will not change during their lifetime. For example, Apple writes, "It is good practice to create immutable collections in all cases where the collection does not need to change. Doing so enables the Swift compiler to optimize the performance of the collections you create."
  • Don't use classes when structs will do. Use class
View gist:0c445044e1bf97778263


How To Get Answers

Ask your question and then be patient. Tell us what you want to happen, what is actually happening, and include any error messages you find:

  • Provide a scenario. "I am trying to do X, I do so by calling APIs W and Y, but Z happens instead. I see the following error messages:..."
  • Focus on the goal. Ask about what you're trying to achieve (the big story) rather than the specific technical detail that you believe is holding you back.
  • Don't solicit help. Don't say, "Does anyone here know about (for example) Protocol Extensions". Just ask your question.
  • Do your homework. Search the web before asking in-channel.
  • Be courteous Don't just paste Stack Overflow questions in-channel.
  • Remember the topic Refer questions about third party libraries to their developers.
jspahrsummers / GHRunLoopWatchdog.h
Created Jan 28, 2015
A class for logging excessive blocking on the main thread
View GHRunLoopWatchdog.h
/// Observes a run loop to detect any stalling or blocking that occurs.
/// This class is thread-safe.
@interface GHRunLoopWatchdog : NSObject
/// Initializes the receiver to watch the specified run loop, using a default
/// stalling threshold.
- (id)initWithRunLoop:(CFRunLoopRef)runLoop;
/// Initializes the receiver to detect when the specified run loop blocks for
andymatuschak / MultiDirectionAdjudicatingScrollView.swift
Created Jan 26, 2015
Source for the Khan Academy app's unusual scrolling interactions
View MultiDirectionAdjudicatingScrollView.swift
// MultiDirectionAdjudicatingScrollView.swift
// Khan Academy
// Created by Andy Matuschak on 12/16/14.
// Copyright (c) 2014 Khan Academy. All rights reserved.
import UIKit
import UIKit.UIGestureRecognizerSubclass