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RubenSomsen/ Secret

Last active Aug 25, 2020
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Statechains (and slides for Bitcoin Magazine presentation)

Swap UTXOs off-chain with minimal trust in a federation (permissionless peg-out).

Succinct Atomic Swaps

How to perform an atomic swap in merely two (or three) transactions, instead of four.

PoW Fraud Proofs

How to build an SPV client that comes to consensus even if 51% of miners is malicious.

Blind Merged Mining

An auction-based method of mining blocks of other chains by paying BTC miners in bitcoin.

Perpetual One-way Peg

How to introduce a new token without speculation, enabling sidechains that don't store value.

I'm also co-host of the Unhashed Podcast

-- Ruben Somsen (Twitter, Telegram)

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