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Wondering what the current standings are for the Responsive Images Community Group’s efforts? Look no further.


Bug 870021 Summary: Implement srcset attribute on img CLOSED: WONTFIX:

Bug 870022 Implement picture element:

Implement src-n attribute on img element:

Mozilla does not support srcset, has requested that it be dropped from the WHATWG spec, and is willing to explore the picture or src-n markup patterns.


src-n was proposed by a Google rep:

Divided on src-n in the discussion thread:!msg/blink-dev/tV3T1wHuXqE/SvWKxIyG6IIJ

Unlikely to move on anything unless WebKit does it first:

Client Hints refactor includes src-n:


Officially silent. Adam Barth is doing the talking on behalf of WebKit on the WHATWG list—and is not a fan of the src-n pattern—but he officially represents Blink, not WebKit:
See, above.




“Has anyone thought about using CSS?”

Maciej Stachowiak (WebKit) already shut this idea down for the obvious reasons, but hasn’t officially said anything about src-n (see: “Apple,” above).




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marcoscaceres commented Nov 13, 2013

HTMLWG is silent because they are all in China for TPAC, I think. Also, the discussion is not really happening there :)


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Wilto commented Nov 13, 2013

No blame intended! Just figure this is gonna be a template for rapid-fire digest updates, going forward. Maybe a weekly thing?


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nelsonpecora commented Nov 13, 2013

This format is fantastic. I knew about Mozilla's srcset / src-n kerfuffle (and had to refrain from getting into a flamewar), but I didn't really know the positions of the other players. Isn't srcset at least mostly implemented in chrome-stable?


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chadsten commented Nov 13, 2013

It's better than keeping with the discussions on #responsive, and all of the random articles. Thanks for the gist.


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roblarsen commented Nov 13, 2013

Well, there's the one quote about src-n from Timothy Hatcher (Apple) " It is a grotesque perversion of the HTML language. Everyone seems to be taking that as evidence of the party line from Apple.


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dmethvin commented Nov 13, 2013

Paraphrasing Churchill, src-n is the worst form of responsive images, except for all those other methods that have been tried.


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iandevlin commented Nov 13, 2013

Good to see this altogether in one list, nice work Mat.


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scshepard commented Nov 13, 2013

Is Apple even in the browser race anymore? Seriously?


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miketaylr commented Nov 14, 2013

@scshepard yes.


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paulirish commented Nov 18, 2013

@scshepard 📱


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AurelioDeRosa commented Dec 5, 2013

The srcset proposal has landed into the W3C specifications ( . So, the HTML WG is not silent anymore.

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