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var CONSUMER_KEY = "****";
var CONSUMER_SECRET = "****";
paideuo: {
indicative: {
active: {
present: {
fsg: "παιδεύω", ssg: "παιδεύεις", tsg: "παιδεύει",
sdu: "παιδεύετον", tdu: "παιδεύετον",
View shaleian_basic.txt
・ 現在の単語数 ・・・ 593
◆ 基本助接辞 (5)
・ a
・ e
・ ca
・ zi
・ li
◆ 一般助接辞 (16)
View shaleian_adverb_new.txt
◆ II 型
・ keves「当然の」
・ vomac「いつもの」, qodfol「いつもと違う」
・ padit「あり得る」
・ nalef「自然な」
・ yâl「問題ない」
・ yát「真実の」
・ rafef「簡単な」, dozeg「難しい」
・ vip「もう」
・ vop「再び」
Ziphil / records_montecarlo.txt
Last active Jul 6, 2019
Records of Tsolitaire played by Montecarlo tree search
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2A31T 6E22T 5A32T 1B23R 6B13T 6F0T 2F21R 5F16B 5E11B 1F17B 4F12R 6D30R 1A7L 6A26T 6C9T 5B5B 1E19L 3F24B 3A34T 3B29R 3E27T 1D2T 4A1L 2B33T 1C4T 4E10B 4B18T 2E20L 5D25R 2C6T 5C8B 4D3B 3C15R 3D14L 4C28T
6B16B 5F8L 6F12T 5A32R 2A13R 1B23T 5B21L 1E22T 4F6R 1C24L 4B31T 6E18R 5E3B 1A14R 2F10T 1D17T 2B29R 3F26T 6D4T 6C11T 6A30T 4A15T 1F1T 5C5B 3E20R 3B9T 4E33T 3A7L 2C27T 2D19R 4D34T 4C28B 2E25R 3D2R 5D0T
1B29T 5A23R 6E11T 5F34T 6B21B 2A32T 1E19T 1C12T 4A15B 2B13R 1A25L 2F24L 3F18R 3A20B 3B16R 6F10L 1F26T 6D9T 3E28T 3C17L 4F14T 4E22R 2E33T 5E4R 1D6R 2C5B 6C8B 5D27T 2D3L 4D31T 5C30R 4C0T 4B7T 6A2B 5B1L
2A8R 1E4L 1A9T 6E24L 6F2L 6B20L 2F19L 6D10B 1F7T 5A27T 3A16R 3F15L 6A13T 1B22R 3E28T 5F18R 4A26T 4B34T 2E29T 1C3T 1D12T 4F1T 2C25L 4E31T 2B21B 3B5B 2D0T 5D11B 6C6B 4D33T 5E23R 4C17L 3D32T 5C30R 3C14L
2A15L 5F4T 6F13R 1B34T 6E31T 1E25T 6B18T 1F0T 5A17B 6A5R 1A12T 2F14R 3F3R 1D1R 5E20L 5B11L 3A29T 4A21B 6D30T 4F32R 2E10R 3E16B 6C26R 2D7R 4E9R 3B27T 5C19T 1C2T 5D6R 2C8T 3D33T 2B23R 4D22R 4C28L 3C24L
6B11T 1E4L 1B8B 5A31T 1F
View search_name_path.rb
NAMES =\s*\n\s*/)
connections ={|h, s| h[s] = []}
NAMES.each do |name|
name.chars.each_cons(LENGTH) do |array|
part = array.join
NAMES.each do |search_name|
if search_name.include?(part)
connections[name] << search_name
View connected_names.rb
class UnionFind
def initialize
@parents ={|h, s| h[s] = s}
@ranks ={|h, s| h[s] = 0}
def find(i)
parent = @parents[i]
if i == parent
View shaleian_adverb.txt
◆ A2 型
・ keves「当然の」
・ vomac「いつもの」, qodfol「いつもと違う」
・ padit「あり得る」
・ nalef「自然な」
・ yâl「問題ない」
View cube_puzzle_solver.rb
require 'matrix'
:x => Matrix[
[1, 0, 0],
[0, 0, -1],
[0, 1, 0]
:y => Matrix[
View prime_mahjong.rb
require 'pp'
class Tile
SUITS = {"m" => :character, "p" => :dot, "s" => :bamboo}
attr_reader :number
attr_reader :suit