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K4zoku /
Last active January 17, 2022 06:04
dotfiles for my Handmade Arch Linux sticker


mikeboiko / git-credential-rbw
Last active March 31, 2024 13:55
Use bitwarden rbw as git-credential helper
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# rbw git-credential helper
# Based on
# A credential helper for git to retrieve usernames and passwords from rbw.
# For general usage, see
# Here's a quick version:
# 1. Put this somewhere in your path.
# 2. git config --global credential.helper rbw
Justintime50 /
Last active April 18, 2024 16:57
Use Your SSH Agent in a Crontab

Use Your SSH Agent in a Crontab

Getting access to SSH inside a Crontab is often a problem for many as the environment in which your cron runs is not the same as your normal shell. Simply running ssh-add will not allow you to use your SSH Agent inside your crontab. Follow the below guide to setup your crontab to use your ssh-agent:


  1. Install Keychain.
  2. Add the following to your ~/.zlogin file which will be invoked on each login. This will allow your crontab (and normal shell) to use your ssh keys and bypass needing to punch in your password each time you need SSH. This will also span across multiple sessions and shells.
You cannot delete keys nor modify UIDs for keys uploaded to PGP key servers.
To change your email, you must add a new UID.
$ gpg --edit-key <keyID>
gpg> adduid
Real name: <name>
mcattarinussi /
Last active April 9, 2024 02:09
A setup guide to use a personal gpg key for ssh authentication

GPG - SSH setup

Generating the master key

Here we create the master key. We want only Certify capability: we use the master key only to create the subkeys, Sign - Encrypt - Authenticate capabilities will be assigned to the subkeys.

Run the following command to start the master key generation process. Select the set your own capabilities creation process (type 8)

  ▶ gpg --full-generate-key --expert

gpg (GnuPG) 2.2.9; Copyright (C) 2018 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

robertpainsi /
Last active April 22, 2024 16:05
Commit message guidelines

Commit Message Guidelines

Short (72 chars or less) summary

More detailed explanatory text. Wrap it to 72 characters. The blank
line separating the summary from the body is critical (unless you omit
the body entirely).

Write your commit message in the imperative: "Fix bug" and not "Fixed
bug" or "Fixes bug." This convention matches up with commit messages
varqox /
Last active April 14, 2024 21:18
Instructions how to install Debian using debootstrap
jpic /
Created March 4, 2013 15:12
Dwm-like layout for Qtile ... feels like home ! welcome Qtile B)
class Master(SingleWindow):
defaults = [
("border_focus", "#ff0000", "Border colour for the focused window."),
("border_normal", "#000000", "Border colour for un-focused winows."),
("border_width", 2, "Border width."),
("name", "xmonad-tall", "Name of this layout."),
_min_ratio = .1
_max_ratio = .9