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A list of domains for disposable and temporary email addresses. Useful for filtering your email list to increase open rates (sending email to these domains likely will not be opened).
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@carpii There's no reason for spammers to ever use these domains, they just buy a new one every time.

@kode54 Not all of these services work like that. As someone else mentioned, is paid service, and addresses created through it remain valid indefinitely. The service provided is that one can create infinite aliases and disable them when they get leaked. It's very similar to Apple's "hide my email" service, but it's been around nearly twenty years.

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endolith commented Nov 20, 2022

which is nothing more than a list of email domains frequently used by spammers?

Sneakemail is not used by spammers; it protects from spammers. They would not spend money on Sneakemail aliases just so they could send spam and then get banned from the service.

User is one of those people who always uses a fully disposable temporary address service for every site registration


and never uses the same account again, always registering again if they ever need to use the same site in the future.

No, you register once and then use that alias forever. When that site sells your email to spammers, or gets hacked and leaks your email and password (, you can just disable the alias and create a new one.

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endolith commented Dec 27, 2022

For example, a site I signed up for called Venngage has sold or leaked my email address to Louis Vitton spammers. Gmail's filter is unable to prevent the spam from ending up in my inbox, and unsubscribing does nothing, so I am disabling the sneakemail address. The only reason to block this service is if you are a spammer.

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nielhirjee commented Feb 12, 2023

I offer access to email addresses under the domain as a free, anonymous disposable email service for all those in India who lost access to their mailboxes when India's second largest ISP went out of business.

Hopefully this message will not be treated as spam be allowed to remain on in the comment section so that it may help many Indians who have used email addresses under this domain, for their banking and government profiles, regain access long enough to enable them to change it.

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