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Getting the Alexa top 1 million sites directly from the server, unzipping it, parsing the csv and getting each line as an array.
var request = require('request');
var unzip = require('unzip');
var csv2 = require('csv2');
.on('entry', function (entry) {
entry.pipe(csv2()).on('data', console.log);
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musabgultekin commented Jun 28, 2019

Hi, there

➜ curl -I
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
x-amz-id-2: 0QFTzV4zLKRksLmC4JWG/iE/qVKQlSsr7m+lZbnRlrxocqsYbqgHMnjxlBuMTfWQhwrt7/NsULA=
x-amz-request-id: DA7628383A36A79D
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2019 10:54:43 GMT
Last-Modified: Sat, 22 Jun 2019 10:38:33 GMT                               # Does this means up-to-date?
ETag: "5a4fdd26b49d1e579335dde414012297"
x-amz-meta-alexa-last-modified: 20190622103832
Accept-Ranges: bytes
Content-Type: application/zip
Content-Length: 96

No, it can be cache response header

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garrett-leyenaar commented Oct 19, 2019
...does appear to be up-to-date. I think it's updated every 90 days. I checked for a domain that was registered April 2019 and it's in the list

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chilts commented Oct 21, 2019

Ah thanks @garrett-leyenaar, that's good to know it's still being updated.

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chilts commented Oct 21, 2019

Interesting that today (2019-10-22) I re-ran my steps from and noticed that I only get entries 1 to 647605 entries printed out. So I downloaded the .zip file itself, and sure enough it doesn't have any entry after that. Whether it's a one-off problem today, I dunno. :)

$ unzip 
  inflating: top-1m.csv              

$ tail -n 10 top-1m.csv

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yosunga commented Oct 30, 2019 used to mirror this file but I think they removed it because of copyright issues.Any other mirrors ?

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rustyspoonz commented Dec 2, 2019 used to mirror this file but I think they removed it because of copyright issues.Any other mirrors ?

No need for a mirror, the file is still available using the URL from the script:

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yosunga commented Dec 3, 2019

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hamlatzis commented Feb 13, 2020

The alexa zip file contains only 839000 entries

1m != 839000

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mikej165 commented Jun 23, 2020

As of today, the Alexa "one million" contains 547855 entries. Very strange.

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meeeller commented Jun 26, 2020

Today is 763k. Last summer it started being short of "one million". I am here again trying to figure out why.

We used Alexa in the past, still can't find anything on why it so short of 1 million. Good paper on T1M rankings pdf

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vladimarius commented Sep 16, 2020

Alexa no longer provides that list for free.
You can download the list using their API.

The price is:
Alexa Top Sites API Requests (1 unit = 10 URLs returned) | $0.025 / unit

So for 1 million domains you'd pay 0.0025 * 1000000 = $2500 😃😃😃

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chilts commented Oct 1, 2020

💵 💲 Thanks for that info @vladimarius ... good to know it is still available. I imagine people will find other sources though with that price! Thanks again.

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seupedro commented Jan 23, 2021

still work alexa at 2021

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cameck commented Apr 8, 2021

Just spoke with Amazon about this. There's no guarantee that the free list contains all 1 million, but it is still updated daily.

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chilts commented May 5, 2021

Thanks @seupedro and @cameck, always good to know that it's still working and the CSV is available. I wonder if the script still works. I'll try it again sometime soon and paste back here what worked or didn't and an update if needed.

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leilii commented May 12, 2021

how to get for example 10 top list into a text file not all?

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d668 commented Jun 21, 2021

the file now ends at 427k

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Waseemghafoor474 commented Jul 9, 2021

CSV file is working again! Nice!
The data is not exactly up to date. I would say about 2 months. I have a site in the current the 67,000 positions today, and is in the lists 78,000s
Also how to get for example 10 top list into a text file not all?

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xysecurity commented Oct 11, 2021

425k for 2021.10.11

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tomwojcik commented Dec 8, 2021

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snowman commented Dec 9, 2021

We will be retiring on May 1, 2022

Note, this is the last chance you can backup things

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ao commented Dec 14, 2021

With the Alexa top 1 million CSV/ZIP going away shortly, you can use instead, which is linked to over here: and provides a list of the top 1million websites. (Updated daily)

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chilts commented Dec 15, 2021

Thanks @ao, that's good to know! :)

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huadaonan commented Jan 29, 2022


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jorgeluislazo commented May 11, 2022

Can confirm still works for me, 1M sites (as of May 11th 2022). I think the actual resources will be gone by December of 2022 though

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ciscospirit commented May 17, 2022

does anyone knows how to get the top-1000 from a specific Country too?
i would search for the Austrian and Germany Top 1000 List. Can anybody help me out with a link to download?

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chilts commented May 17, 2022

@ciscospirit I don't know any off the top of my head, but perhaps do a search and see what you can find.

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chilts commented May 17, 2022

Hi everyone, I just noticed this site on a fork of this gist and also seems to be kept up to date:

I don't know if it's useful to anyone, but there we go. :)

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dschmeh commented Nov 8, 2022


majestic doesn’t seem to rank the websites on a visit count basis - more on a backlink count basis.
Quality wise seems to provide the best service but the API is quite expensive. Also has a module covering the use case a bit cheaper.
This gumroad project offers also websites ranked by visits with visit estimates for a cheaper price but without an available API

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ilsayston commented Nov 8, 2022

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