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I may be slow to respond.

snowman snowman

I may be slow to respond.
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snowman / SetWinStoreSetting.ps1
Created April 27, 2023 13:33 — forked from damirarh/SetWinStoreSetting.ps1
Function for changing a windows Store app setting directly in its file
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function Set-WinStoreSetting {
param (
[Parameter(Mandatory=$true, Position=0)][string]$PackageName,
[Parameter(Mandatory=$true, Position=1)][string]$SettingName,
[Parameter(Mandatory=$true, Position=2)][string]$SettingValue
$settingsFile = [IO.Path]::Combine($env:LOCALAPPDATA, 'Packages', $PackageName, 'Settings\settings.dat')
# temporary paths
snowman /
Created February 11, 2023 00:17 — forked from pierrejoubert73/
How to add a collapsible section in markdown.

How to

  <summary>Click me</summary>
  ### Heading
  1. Foo
  2. Bar
     * Baz
 * Qux
snowman / export.json
Created January 14, 2023 16:17 — forked from trietptm/export.json
A huge JSON file containing all entries from here: , that will give you the ability to easily batch process the database! Happy Cracking :)
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This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
"1133": {
"url": "",
"description": "First off don't give me that \"cr*pware\" things.\nYes, it's written in VB + P-Code, and all you need to do is find one serial.\nOh could someone rate it?!?",
"difficulty": 2,
"platform": "Windows",
"language": "(Visual) Basic",
"published": "2005-03-08T00:00:00",
"downloads": 1235,
"votes": 0
snowman / uniquify-recentf.el
Created May 14, 2022 06:54 — forked from vedang/uniquify-recentf.el
Implements functionality similar to `uniquify' to make `recentf' results bearable.
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(require 'recentf)
;; Implement functionality similar to uniquify to make recentf results bearable
;; Requires s.el and dash.el - awesome libraries from Magnar Sveen
;; Hat-tip : Baishampayan Ghose for the clojure implementation at
(require 's)
(require 'dash)
snowman / test-magit-stage-minimal.el
Created January 21, 2022 07:31 — forked from twlz0ne/test-magit-stage-minimal.el
Minimal configuration for testing magit stage #Emacs
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;;; Usage: /path/to/emacs -nw -Q -l /path/to/test-magit-stage-minimal.el --eval '(load-magit "/path/to/magit/lisp")'
;;; Created: 2020-03-04 03.05.24
;;; Updated: 2020-03-04 21.17.19
;;; Version: 2
;; ------------------------------------------------------------------
;; elpa
snowman / trial.key
Created August 4, 2021 09:10 — forked from huqi/trial.key
Beyond Compare 4 license for Mac
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Beyond Compare 4
Licensed to: ASIO Allsoftinone
Quantity: 1 user
Serial number: 1822-9597
License type: Pro Edition for Windows
snowman / builder_example.js
Last active July 25, 2021 08:39 — forked from necccc/builder_example.js
Gist for Transform your codebase using codemods
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// create a function call that looks like
// "myfunc(someVar, 'bar')"
const callExpr = j.callExpression(j.identifier("myFunc"), [
snowman / switch_windows_with_same_process_name.ahk
Last active July 6, 2021 14:58
AutoHotkey - Switch windows with same process name
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#SingleInstance Force
DetectHiddenWindows, Off
;; Description
;; This AutoHotkey script is to switch between different windows of the same process name.
;; The checking algorithm is based on the app's process basename without path.
snowman /
Created February 1, 2021 15:25 — forked from joyrexus/
Perl one-liners


perl -e 'print "hello world!\n"'

A simple filter:

perl -ne 'print if /REGEX/'

Filter out blank lines (in place):

snowman / background.html
Created December 12, 2020 05:39 — forked from srsudar/background.html
Pasting from the system clipboard using a Chrome extension.
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src="background.js"></script>
<textarea id="sandbox"></textarea>