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Christian Heilmann codepo8

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codepo8 / midjourney-ban-list.json
Created September 12, 2023 11:37
Midjourney banned words
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"Gore": [
"Blood", "Bloodbath", "Crucifixion", "Bloody", "Flesh", "Bruises", "Car crash", "Corpse", "Crucified", "Cutting", "Decapitate", "Infested", "Gruesome", "Kill (as in Kill la Kill)", "Infected", "Sadist", "Slaughter", "Teratoma", "Tryphophobia", "Wound", "Cronenberg", "Khorne", "Cannibal", "Cannibalism", "Visceral", "Guts", "Bloodshot", "Gory", "Killing", "Surgery", "Vivisection", "Massacre", "Hemoglobin", "Suicide", "Female Body Parts"
"Drugs": [
"Drugs", "Cocaine", "Heroin", "Meth", "Crack"
"Clothing": [
"no clothes", "Speedo", "au naturale", "no shirt", "bare chest", "nude", "barely dressed", "bra", "risqué", "clear", "scantily", "clad", "cleavage", "stripped", "full frontal unclothed", "invisible clothes", "wearing nothing", "lingerie with no shirt", "naked", "without clothes on", "negligee", "zero clothes"
codepo8 / transformvideo.js
Created January 18, 2011 16:02
A video player with zoom and rotate
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Zooming and rotating HTML5 video player
Copyright (c) 2011 Christian Heilmann
Code licensed under the BSD License:
/* predefine zoom and rotate */
codepo8 /
Last active December 23, 2022 07:56
Link collection for the "AI for humans" talk


Intro and history of ML on the web

  • Autodraw by Google is a tool that allows you to doodle what you want to paint and turns it into a proper icon by detecting the outline and making an ML based assumption what it could be.
  • Quickdraw by Google is a game they created a few years before Autodraw to train the model.
  • ReCaptcha is a CAPTCHA engine that feeds the data back into Google's ML systems. For example, currently being asked to detect street signs or cars is a good indicator that this data will go into the self-driving cars project.
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var tryCount = 0;
var minimalUserResponseInMiliseconds = 200;
function check() {
before = new Date().getTime();
after = new Date().getTime();
if (after - before > minimalUserResponseInMiliseconds) {
document.write(" Dont open Developer Tools. ");
self.location.replace(window.location.protocol + window.location.href.substring(window.location.protocol.length));