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Dwarven Craftsman

Imagine spending 20 years studying violin-making under Stradivarius.

Nobody, nobody, takes artisanship more seriously than the Dwarves, and after a grueling and brutal 20-year apprenticeship under a Dwarf Master (Blacksmith, or Glazier, or Baker, or Chef, or Plumber, or Mason, or …), you’re a journeyman at the absolute top of your game. You have an enormous wealth of knowledge in your particular craft, and if you chose to simply do that rather than adventuring, you would be guaranteed a life of merchant luxury as you slowly made a name for yourself as an unparalleled master in your field.

(Note: you don’t actually need to be a dwarf for this, as dwarves will take on any sufficiently talented apprentice who need apply - however, a non-dwarven dwarven craftsman is forbidden from taking on apprentices of their own.) Stats

  • Skill Proficiencies: History, Insight
Two Percent
CP (Cara)
&y (Ampersandy)
&y is waiting in front of a run-down looking restaurant
in a shabby mall.
CP rushes in.
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Dev Team Perfects Hiring Process Immediately Before Interview, Again

Bypassing decades of research and study in the well-trodden fields of Recruitment and Selection, a team of developers stumbled upon the perfect hiring process this week in a 10-minute scramble before the candidate, Chris O'Shaughnessy, arrived on site.

“We take our hiring seriously,” said Steve Klegman, technical team lead. “The candidate was a guy that Dave Patterson knew from a previous job and we really wanted to make sure that we vetted him properly. So when all of our phones went off for the calendar reminder, we quickly scoured Google for the most fiendishly clever coding puzzle that we could find.”

Divinity: Original Sin has a lot of flaws that make it borderline unplayable. And I want to talk about why you should try it anyways.

I picked up Divinity: Original Sin because it reminded me of games that I loved when I was younger, like Baldur's Gate 2, Fallout 2, or Planescape: Torment.

It also supports co-op really well, so Tiffany - who has the same fond memories of the same deep games - joined in. Together we would beat this game.

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Curtis Watches Star Trek TnG God Dammit

S01E01 - Encounter at Farpoint

  1. Oh my god, we're just straight up opening the show with a Q episode. This is not off to a strong start, you guys.
  2. I forgot how ridiculous it was to have a straight up telepath on Star Trek. What the hell, Deanna Troi?
  3. People hate Wesley Crusher so much. I am certain that I am going to find out why, soon.
  4. The amount of this pilot devoted to people just wandering around expositing all over the damn place is incredible. Incredible.
  5. Post-Atomic Earth is pretty dystopian. Guards had guns for hands and crayon packets on their chests.
  6. It's Bones! Doc McCoy is still a cranky old shithead after all of these years.
  7. This episode is incredibly slow.
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30 Years, 30 Programming Tips

I just made the terrible mistake of turning thirty. Apparently, one of the things that 30-year olds do on YouTube is make lists of 30- things. 30 is a lot of things to put in a list. I tried to make a list of 30 things about being 30, but I got like, four things in before I realized that I didn't have that many things.

So instead, I thought I'd make a list of 30 things I've learned about programming. Let's begin.

  1. this first episode has Q in it? Like, first episode. ugh, this is not off to a strong start.
  2. why does everybody hate Wesley Crusher so much? He doesn't seem so bad, and Wil Wheaton is a really nice guy in real life.
  3. oh. OH. I get it now. I understand the hate.

Oh. Sorry, that's a list I'm making about watching Star Trek The Next Generation for the first time. I'll .. uh... get to that later.

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Automation For The People

Automation for the People

Long ago, the first time I read "The Pragmatic Programmer", I read some advice that really stuck with me.

"Don't Use Manual Procedures".

This in the chapter on Ubiquitous Automation. To summarize, they want you to automate all the things.

The trouble was that I hadn't much of an idea how to actually go

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Leading the Transformation

Also the words "IT Revolution" are on the front of the book, so if you don't read carefully you might end up holed up with a bunch of guns in a remote wildlife sanctuary.


The advice in this book was very successful at HP and Macy’s, two lumbering tech giants who are still relevant in this day and age, dammit.

Chapter 1