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Excel Tables and VBA

It's 2020, and there's now many ways to work with data of arbitrary length in Excel:

  • Power Query's M language
  • JavaScript
  • dynamic arrays.

But if you use or support older Excel versions, VBA can still be useful.

HQJaTu / trigger-Azure-CDN-certificate-update.ps1
Created Jun 18, 2019
Azure CDN certificate update trigger
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#Requires -Version 6.0
The MIT License (MIT)
Copyright (c) 2019 Jari Turkia (
Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights
CMCDragonkai / stay-awake.ps1
Last active Sep 21, 2020
Keep Windows Awake Temporarily (Prevent Sleep, Display Off or Away Mode) #cli #powershell #windows
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#!/usr/bin/env powershell
# This script can keep the computer awake while executing another executable, or
# if no executable was passed in, then it stays awake until this script stops.
# There are 3 different ways of staying awake:
# Away Mode - Enable away mode (
# Display Mode - Keep the display on and don't go to sleep or hibernation
# System Mode - Don't go to sleep or hibernation
# The default mode is the System Mode.
# Away mode is only available when away mode is enabled in the advanced power options.
cdhunt / map_fold.ps1
Created Oct 27, 2016
Map and Fold implementations in Powershell
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function map([scriptblock]$map, [Collections.IEnumerable]$x, $y) { $x.ForEach({& $map $_ $y}) }
# Two parameters
map { param($x, $y) $x + $y } @(1,2,3) 10
# Anonymous function as a value
$squareIt = { param($x) $x + $x }
map $squareIt @(1,2,3)
# One parameter
View drought_anim.r
library(albersusa) # devtools::install_github("hrbrmstr/albersusa")
library(spdplyr) # devtools::install_github("mdsumner/spdplyr")
library(ggplot2) # devtools::install_github("hadley/ggplot2")
View monetdblite-demo.R
# rm -r /tmp/hmda
dbdir <- "/tmp/hmda"
con <- dbConnect(MonetDBLite::MonetDBLite(), dbdir)
# download at
dd <- readRDS("/tmp/hmda.rds")
dannguyen /
Last active Nov 23, 2020
Transcribing ProPublica podcast with Python and Watson Speech to Text API

Using IBM Watson Speech to Text API to translate a ProPublica podcast

An example of using the Watson Speech to Text API to translate a podcast from ProPublica: How a Reporter Pierced the Hype Behind Theranos

This is just a simpler demo of the same technique I demonstrate to make automated video supercuts in this repo:

The transcription takes just a few minutes (less if you parallelize the requests to IBM) and is free...but it isn't perfect by any means. It doesn't fare super well on proper nouns:

  • Charles Ornstein's last name is transcribed as Orenstein
  • John Carreyrou's last name becomes John Kerry Roo
ttscoff / dontforget.bash
Last active Oct 18, 2022
Quick reminders from Terminal (bash)
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# dontforget
# A stupid script for short term reminders in bash
# Arguments just need to contain a number and a bunch of words.
# The number can be anywhere in the arguments, but there shouldn't
# be any other numeric digits.
wch / lmgadget.R
Created Jan 20, 2016
Shiny Gadget example: lmGadget
View lmgadget.R
# Example usage:
# lmGadget(mtcars, "wt", "mpg")
# Returns a list with two items:
# $data: Data with excluded rows removed.
# $model: lm (model) object.
lmGadget <- function(data, xvar, yvar) {
View database_visualization.R
## Install packages if you don't already have them
install.packages(c("stringr", "igraph"), dependencies = TRUE)
## Load the packages
## Read in the data
queries <- read.csv("~/Downloads/queries.csv")
tables <- read.csv("~/Downloads/tables.csv")