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Static Site Generators

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Backstory: I decided to crowdsource static site generator recommendations, so the following are actual real world suggested-to-me results. I then took those and sorted them by language/server and, just for a decent relative metric, their Github Watcher count. If you want a heap of other projects (including other languages like Haskell and Python) Nanoc has the mother of all site generator lists. If you recommend another one, by all means add a comment.




Nice list! I think this one was just launched, but it looks pretty interesting. Only 13 watchers atm but maybe worth adding:

Quill is a simple blog engine inspired by Jekyll. Quill runs on node and has an easy command line interface. Themeing is as simple as editing a single html page.

Great listing. Hope this continues to be maintained. Alternatives are always fantastic.

As suggested on HN - Punch (

Here is a list of 15 simple site generators, almost all of which are static:

I'm still using Blosxom in static rendering mode:

Here is a list of 15 simple site generators, almost all of which are static:

I'm still using Blosxom in static rendering mode:

How do we add our own? (ruby)

webgen (also at github) is missing

I've forked this list, updated the watch (now stars) -count and added a few generators (a few from the comments)

You can add Sculpin to the list.

Here's my contribution:

In Python-land Pelican is a big one!

Shameless plug: JBake

I'll add Kerouac (Node.js) to the list of contenders.

reggi commented

And hexo (Node.js)

Please add Assemble, it's a static site generator built as a plugin for Grunt.js.

Can Movable Type qualify? It's based on Perl and I believe it's got 206 watchers.

List of python static site generators:

Cabin is a node.js static site generator powered by Grunt. It currently has three beautiful blogging themes available out of the box. Getting started takes like 45 seconds. Here are the available themes, with links to installing each:

Candy Theme

Blok Theme

Canvas Theme

I created a realtime comparison dashboard of Github stats for the leading static site generators at

To me, it seems like Assemble , which leverages the popular Grunt task runner, is a saner choice for Node.js. I spent some time evaluating DocPad, and my impression is that it suffers from lack of focus on the static use case. This gist was helpful 2 years ago when I first found it, but now it is out of date and as such is doing a disservice to people freshly ask the question

What are my options for static site generation?

Either the gist should be marked as out of date, or it should be updated to include the forks.

For what it's worth, the nanoc listing has become fairly outdated, despite the project which it uses for it's listing from still being maintained. As such, I've setup to pull in the latest data and combine it with the github data among other things. It is now the most definitive listing you can find.

Hakyll? Ruhoh?

Hey, I have merged all the forks started from this gist at
@balupton looks useful. I'll do a pull request on to update it with my changes

Thessc is missing. I'm currently writing it. Language: C.

@balupton nice! I was planning to do the same thing, I will try to remember to submit a pull req for any new ones I come across. :beers:

nodeache (Node.js) could actually be added.

Zeokat recoemnds one good cms
It works with static files aswell.

I wrote one, named StaGen, supporting Markdown, StringTemplate 4 and JSON. Developed in Java 8.

Currently powering

tovic commented

Try Mecha CMS, it’s pure PHP.


Static Site Starter Kit

powered by Gulp, Assemble, Handlebars, Bootstrap, LESS, BrowserSync; and pre-configured for hosting in Amazon S3 / CloudFront (CDN):

You may want to take a peek at as well.

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