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Created April 18, 2010 14:09
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Save defunkt/370230 to your computer and use it in GitHub Desktop.
A list of Gist clients.
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Gist List - with tags and backup:

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PLUG: CoffeeShop is an online CoffeeScript shell that uses GitHub Gist as a backend.

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DMarby commented Mar 29, 2015

Harpia is a gist desktop client for OS X:

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icholy commented May 6, 2015

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Aebian commented Aug 10, 2015

Is there a desktop client for windows?

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@Aenian For Windows you can create the gist with the npm command line client npm install -g mkg which can be setup as a batch process if desired but I would strongly recommend using as the desktop client for everything but creation of the Gist, for that use the npm package command line client:

npm install -g mkg

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I released CodeDrop for OS X for quickly creating gists.

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Cross-platform Gist client:

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erm3nda commented Jun 19, 2018

I really think that this gist deserves a good read from the author and add some of them back to gist content. (ie Lepton is not in list yet and totally deserves to be)

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  • CodeExpander - A smart GitHub gist client with the TextExpander features.

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Check this code snippets manager:, it supports GitHub Gists.

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nealmcb commented Apr 1, 2020

Unlike the many other Python options here, this one works as of 2020-04:
Just install add a ~/.gist config file with your github token as described there.

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Gist as a Service is now 404. Looked at @andymatuschak repos to see if was renamed, but it looks like it not archived and is now gone.

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