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A list of Gist clients.

gitx can create gists.

@kennethreitz -- Python wrapper for Gist API


Is there an prog for Win, perhaps for n++?


Gedit support via the "external tools" plugin, using


If you want to keep a copy of selected gists offline: offline-gists


Would love to know of any windows clients


It also looks like twitter started displaying Gists!/github/status/12602273234


Editor: Sublime Text 2 with the Gist plugin


wordpress plugin not working anymore


QuickHubApp does it (& more)


gist.eclipse for eclipse


iGist for iOS

@sub is a real-time collaborative code editing web service integrated with GitHub that allows you to fetch and save your editing session as a gist


Just created a plug-in for Coda:

@rking install jist

It has all the features of defunkt/gist, but has none of the Issues.


Here is a gist plugin for the Chocolat text editor:


JetBrains' IntelliJ IDEA supports the creation of gists, described here:


Possible in Sublime Text 2 too with the Gist plugin.


i just don't know anything... and still wanna try to be more familiar......


Search own gist from web: Search Your Gist! -


WordPress Plugin link is dead


There is gistit too.


Merge request! ^D^

Updated the list with all the suggestions from comments:


Just started a client for Windows: GistInTime.


I use GistBox Chrome App besides Sublime Text 2 Gist plugin or gist ruby gem


PyCharm is also has support for gists


Likewise probably IntelliJ and WebStorm and all the JetBrains products.


PHPStorm has support for Git + Gists.


Cloud Commander has suport for Gists.
(Upload to GitHub menu item)


no love for GistBox?


I made node client just now.
(It’s just because I couldn't find any on this page)

@aawc -- From
Unmaintained, doesn’t work
Since Github API changes. Thanks for stopping by!


Gist List - with tags and backup:


PLUG: CoffeeShop is an online CoffeeScript shell that uses GitHub Gist as a backend.


Harpia is a gist desktop client for OS X:


Is there a desktop client for windows?


@Aenian For Windows you can create the gist with the npm command line client npm install -g mkg which can be setup as a batch process if desired but I would strongly recommend using as the desktop client for everything but creation of the Gist, for that use the npm package command line client:

npm install -g mkg


I released CodeDrop for OS X for quickly creating gists.

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