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How to download a Chrome binary for any given revision (kinda):

  1. Type in your version (something like “85.0.4173.0”) in the version information lookup field in OmahaProxy. If you don’t have the version string, this JSON lists a bunch of the most recent releases. Note that you can adjust the query parameters.
  2. Note down the resulting “Branch Base Position” (something like “778145”).
  3. Go to this page (or this one if you need more granularity), select the folder of your operating system and find the folder that has the number closest to your branch base position.


ebidel / download_chrome41.js
Last active Apr 19, 2020
For when you need to test your site in Google Search (Chrome 41).
View download_chrome41.js
* Copyright 2018 Google Inc. All rights reserved.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
stereokai / index.css
Created Jun 18, 2017
Trigonometry in CSS
View index.css
// # Trigonometry in CSS
// - Through Taylor/Maclaurin polynomial representation:
// - Useful if you don't want to use JS.
// - With CSS Variables.
// - `calc()` can't do power (x ^ y) so I used multiplication instead.
samthor / safari-nomodule.js
Last active Oct 20, 2020
Safari 10.1 `nomodule` support
View safari-nomodule.js
* Safari 10.1 supports modules, but does not support the `nomodule` attribute - it will
* load <script nomodule> anyway. This snippet solve this problem, but only for script
* tags that load external code, e.g.: <script nomodule src="nomodule.js"></script>
* Again: this will **not** prevent inline script, e.g.:
* <script nomodule>alert('no modules');</script>.
* This workaround is possible because Safari supports the non-standard 'beforeload' event.
* This allows us to trap the module and nomodule load.
HenrikJoreteg / rollup-plugin-add-import.js
Created Jan 20, 2017
Simple rollup plugin to automatically add an import line
View rollup-plugin-add-import.js
import { createFilter } from 'rollup-pluginutils'
function assign (target, source) {
Object.keys(source).forEach((key) => {
target[key] = source[key]
return target
const DEFAULT_HEADER = 'import React from \'react\';'
cletusw /
Last active Jun 15, 2020
Download an old Chromium binary


Taking [denilson-sá's answer][2] further...

You need revision numbers to grab downloads. So first lookup the full version string from the following URL, adjusting parameters as needed:

For Chrome version 28 the full version string is 28.0.1500.71. Now go to and enter the full version string ("28.0.1500.71") into the Position Lookup box. Copy the Base Position number ("209842" in this case).

View install consolas on mac
# Thanks to this post:
$ brew install cabextract
$ cd ~/Downloads
$ mkdir consolas
$ cd consolas
$ curl -O
$ cabextract PowerPointViewer.exe
$ cabextract
simme / Install_tmux
Created Oct 19, 2011
Install and configure tmux on Mac OS X
View Install_tmux
# First install tmux
brew install tmux
# For mouse support (for switching panes and windows)
# Only needed if you are using (iTerm has mouse support)
Then install
# More on mouse support
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