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Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am dylhof on github.
  • I am dylhof ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASDorcYH-_GnCp6wRMjNP6mGZxRTU-C7rnG9gXA46y4gpgo

To claim this, I am signing this object:


Mod 2 - Collaborative Learning & Building

What particular skills, talent, or perspectives do you bring to a team?

  • I can keep a team focused during group sessions
  • I have a good general knowledge
  • I am good at pre-planning
  • I generally have a good eye for design

What have you learned about building software in pairs and teams?

  • The more people you have in your group the more important organizational tools become. Not only that but it is helpful to make the to do items as specific as possible.
  • Pairing can be very usefull but you also need to work seperately if you want to get all the work done.

What makes for a successful team? What derails a well-intentioned team?

dylhof / dtr-wheel-of-fortune-shannon-dylan-
Created Dec 6, 2018
DTR for Dylan Hofmann and Shannon Moranetz for Wheel of Fortune project
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### DTR Memo
Project: Game Time - Wheel of Fortune
Group Member Names: Dylan and Shannon
Project Expectations: What does each group member hope to get out of this project?
Dylan: OOP, Prototype Methods, CSS annimations and fancy pants stuff.
Shannon: OOP, Prototype Methods, CSS
Goals and expectations: Push for 3s on the rubric, finish base functionality first before fancy pants stuff,
After school is best for Shannon and works well for Dylan as well,
We expect to take breaks and not push ourselves past our exhaustion points (poms and breaks are important),
When we devide up work, we are putting in our best effort to solve the issue on our own including going to upper mods or other classmates for assistance.
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Things that need to happen in wheel of fortune
1. Start Game (splash screen)
- players enter their names
- click Start Game
- Players are created
- Game is started - (game class)
-puzzles are selected
- Game page is created
View Dylan Hofmann - NPM Questions - Mod 2

Why do package managers exist for front-end developers building web apps?

Package managers exist for front-end developers building web apps so they can more easily manage asset instalations, upgrades, removals and dependencies.

What is npm and what does it allow developers to do?

NPM is a registry that hosts a large number of "packaged modules of code" added and used by JavaScript developers. NPM is also the command line client that allows the download, installation and upload of these packages. It is a public collection of open-source packages developed to solve a particular problem by developers in the JavaScript community. Basically it is a way to reuse code from other developers and to share your code that might help others.

Describe what a 'dependency' is, and the difference between a devDependency and a regular dependency. Give an example of each.

A dependency is when one section or package of code needs another section or package of code to run properly. The difference between a devDepen


Agile & Feedback Reflection Guidelines

In interviews, you'll be asked about how you approach working in projects, and being able to describe how you utilize agile processes is a great way to help you stand out as a junior developer candidate. This reflection is meant to help you develop this skill.

With that in mind, please answer the following questions in your own gist about your group project:

  1. What have you learned about the use of agile vs. waterfall in software projects?

Agile and waterfall are actually similar approaches to problem solving except for the timeframe in which they occur and the scale they cover. They both start with analysis and design, move into implementation and testing then end with delivery of a product. However the waterfall approach tries to define and solve all of the problems from the whole project at once and agile attacks a single part (or several small parts) of the project, before moving on to the next parts of the project. This means that waterfall will take a

View DTR Kristen Hallstrom and Dylan Hofmann Number Guesser
Template for DTR Memo
Project:Number Guesser Doubles
Group Member Names: Kristen Hallstrom and Dylan Hofmann
Project Expectations: What does each group member hope to get out of this project?
Kristen: Kristen would like to get to phase 3 if not complete it.
Dylan: Get a better understanding of how JavaScript connects to HTML and CSS.
Goals and expectations:
dylhof /
Last active Sep 15, 2018
Dylan Hofmann Prework Gist

#Hello World! Technical Prework - Dylan Hofmann

Click here to find my technical prework codepen

Day 1

HTML Questions:

1. On a website, what is the purpose of HTML code?

HTML code provides the structure to the content of a website. It tells the browser how to display the text.

2. What is the difference between an element and a tag?