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exts / fresh-php7-nginx-server.txt
Last active November 30, 2023 06:02
Fresh PHP 8.0 LEMP setup info/Ubuntu 16
## Requires newer versions of ubuntu, I'm using Ubuntu 20
# install nginx
sudo apt install nginx
# add php8.X repository
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php
sudo apt update
# search libraries
exts / custom_post_types.php
Created August 11, 2023 01:50
Custom Wordpress Post Types Plugin Free
Plugin Name: Beginner Grower: Custom Post Types
Plugin URI:
Description: Add's a 'articles' post type
Author: Lamonte Harris
Version: 1.0.0
Author URI:
exts / godot wasm mono.txt
Created December 2, 2019 15:28
godot wasm mono
⛶Today at 2:45 PM
you need emsdk:
1.38.48 or greater do not seem to work with mono right now. we're using 1.38.47
i've had some issues with fastcomp, so i recommend upstream
# Clone and update esmdk
git clone
cd emsdk
git pull
using Godot;
namespace Gamma.Core
public class Autoload : Node
private Node _scene;
public override void _Ready()
exts / GodotPathFinding.cs
Created April 27, 2019 07:00
Basic path finding in godot 3.1 using C# & Navigation2D node
using System.Linq;
using Godot;
using Godot.Collections;
namespace Gamma.Core.Scripts
public class Arena : Node2D
private int Speed = 300;
private bool moveNode = false;
exts / imageResizer.cs
Created April 14, 2019 03:28
Nice little image resizer that's using nuget package ImageProcessor
using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;
using System.Drawing;
using ImageProcessor;
using ImageProcessor.Imaging.Formats;
namespace CardResizer
internal class Program
exts / beta3-4
Created February 12, 2019 14:48
godot changes from beta3 to 4
17809ca9a907b8d48bea2fd26ea42312a9eaaca4 Merge pull request #25764 from akien-mga/scons-relative-import
5892b122819091c026f546c1766cdbc06b6e87c8 Merge pull request #25763 from akien-mga/scons-decider
26a547f7fce022dd5565c95b90c79f412943c90f Merge pull request #25762 from akien-mga/tests-gdscript
644b266bae483c903d7c588b38002e4c0ad21054 SCons: Fix import clash between Godot and system modules
2be62587eecbcad855d2d864af13ea407596ed8b SCons: Make MD5-timestamp decider and implicit_cache debug-only
c3638574267b0af5ca086b923e1c1777d1dd131d Be explicit about usage of GDScript tests
f614f155063e43733c5e4c2572b4ea67b3bcc661 doc: Misc formatting fixes
ba0a4a942e9997f9238c4f6a0fb141702316788e i18n: Sync translation template with current source
dc239b47b3c09a0f2900151bcdaeca38ddcb7595 i18n: Sync translations with Weblate
74932b905e928015394aff68a0502a49994d47f7 doc: Sync classref with current source
exts /
Last active January 16, 2019 14:20
Godot Tilemap Collision (for detecting the exact colliding cell from the player position)
func _physics_process(delta):
var direction = Vector2()
# .. figure out the direction
var collision = move_and_collide(direction)
if collision:
func handle_collision(node):
var collider = get_collider()
exts / PckFileExposer.cs
Created October 5, 2018 05:18
Godot 3.1 C# Pck File Exposer
public class PckFileExposer : IDisposable
private byte[] _data;
private string _filename;
private string _tmpDataFilename;
private bool _disposed;
public PckFileExposer(string filename)
exts / deploy.php
Last active January 3, 2018 17:31
Deployer 6.0 - Symfony Flex (4.0) Basic Deploy script
namespace Deployer;
require 'recipe/common.php';
//Project Name
set('application', 'app_name');
// Project repository
set('repository', '');