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Last active May 24, 2023 03:38
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Checks if the title of the result in the SERP matches the title of the URL
javascript: (function (doc){var changed=0; function checkTitles(){console.log('jQuery version ', $.fn.jquery, ' loaded'); var position=1; var items=[]; var results=$('#rso .kp-blk .g, #rso .g[class="g"], #rso .srg .g').not('.kno-kp .g').find('div:first').find('a:first'); $('.title-changed, #CountTitlesChanged').remove(); results.each(function (){if (!$(this).parents('.related-question-pair').length){var parent=$(this).closest('.tF2Cxc').length > 0 ? $(this).closest('.tF2Cxc') : $(this).closest('li'); items.push([ position, $(this).find('h3').text(), encodeURI($(this).attr('href')), parent]); position++;}}); var numItems=1; cors_proxies=[ '', '',]; items.forEach(item=>{$.ajax({url: cors_proxies[Math.floor(Math.random() * cors_proxies.length)] + item[2], success: function (data, status, xhr){title=$(data).filter('title').text(); var html='<div class="title-changed">'; if (title !=item[1]){html +='<span style="font-weight: bold;color: #ff6961;">' + title + '</span>'; changed++;}else{html +='<span style="font-weight: bold;color: darkgreen;">' + item[1] + '</span>';}html +='</div>'; item[3].find('div').first().append(html);}, error: function (xhr, status, error){var html='<div class="title-changed">'; html +='<span style="font-weight: bold;color: lightslategray;">Error: No se ha podido procesar la solicitud</span>'; html +='</div>'; item[3].find('div').first().append(html);}, complete: function (xhr, status){if (numItems==items.length){petitionCompleted();}else{numItems++;}}});});}function petitionCompleted(){$('#result-stats').append('<span id="CountTitlesChanged"> - ' + changed + ' títulos cambiados en esta página</span>');}if (typeof jQuery=='undefined'){var script_jQuery=document.createElement('script'); script_jQuery.src=''; script_jQuery.onload=checkTitles; doc.body.appendChild(script_jQuery); console.log('script_jQuery appended to body');}else{console.log('jQuery already included ...'); checkTitles();}})(document)
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Thanks for this tool, really helpful. 👏

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Well done it will really help SEO professionals
Thanks for sharing it

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Thanks For This

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Hey, I am not getting the proper view, can some one suggest me what to do?
Only 1st one is proceed, no effect from 2nd result.


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Thank you, very useful, but still with some ugly bugs:
Bildschirmfoto 2021-08-30 um 00 22 47
Bildschirmfoto 2021-08-30 um 00 22 33

The webiste you're showing in your screenshot is using the charset=iso-8859-1, as you can see in the source. If it were to use utf8, everything would be fine :) So I don't think it's a task for Fede to cope with this :)

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How do i do this in safari on mac?

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Fede, Gracias!!! 🙏🙌👏

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mikkellauge commented Sep 3, 2021

Very nice tool. Can you tell, why some results gets these error?

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@mikkellauge Read here: (in Danish). You have to deactivate your web host's Web Application Firewall.

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Thanks @jaegermark :)

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jrosell commented Sep 8, 2021

No conocia estos proxies que usas y me parece una idea genial para ir rapidito con javascript. Gracias @fedegomez

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this code is not working on Mac, please help.

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I can improve this code to work properly
better and faster
If interested:

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gab81 commented Nov 5, 2021

this is amazing, thanks @fedegomez - is there a chance of having one for meta descriptions as well? that'd be awesome, thanks!!

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Hi, this is exactly what I have been looking for but can't seem to get it to work. I am on a Mac. I have added the code to the URL of the bookmark. I presume that I just do a google search for a keyword term and then press the bookmark? It would be amazing to get it working. Any help gratefully received.



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This script has stopped working. Yesterday I worked on windows.

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This script is not working and no errors in the output. I am checking it on google chrome windows.

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idrsln commented Nov 23, 2022

Hej! Could you be so kind to review your JS? Seems to be Google changed class names or smth. Your script was very very! useful for webmasters. Please, make it valid)))

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Script stopped to work. Is there a Solution for this? Thanks

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