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Fernando Bass ferbass

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bpolania / DataExtensions.swift
Last active Sep 20, 2020
Swift Extensions for Data, Int, UInt8, UInt16, and UInt32 types
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// MIT License
// Copyright (c) 2018 Boris Polania
// Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
// of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
// in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights
// to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell
// copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is
// furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:
mwermuth / UIBezier+Arrow.swift
Created Sep 11, 2014
Drawing an Arrow with Swift
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extension UIBezierPath {
class func getAxisAlignedArrowPoints(inout points: Array<CGPoint>, forLength: CGFloat, tailWidth: CGFloat, headWidth: CGFloat, headLength: CGFloat ) {
let tailLength = forLength - headLength
points.append(CGPointMake(0, tailWidth/2))
points.append(CGPointMake(tailLength, tailWidth/2))
points.append(CGPointMake(tailLength, headWidth/2))
points.append(CGPointMake(forLength, 0))
points.append(CGPointMake(tailLength, -headWidth/2))
DanHerbert /
Last active Sep 10, 2020
Instructions on how to fix npm if you've installed Node through Homebrew on Mac OS X or Linuxbrew

READ THIS Very Important Update

This entire guide is based on an old version of Homebrew/Node and no longer applies. It was only ever intended to fix a specific error message which has since been fixed. I've kept it here for historical purposes, but it should no longer be used. Homebrew maintainers have fixed things and the options mentioned don't exist and won't work.

I still believe it is better to manually install npm separately since having a generic package manager maintain another package manager is a bad idea, but the instructions below don't explain how to do that.

Fixing npm On Mac OS X for Homebrew Users

Installing node through Homebrew can cause problems with npm for globally installed packages. To fix it quickly, use the solution below. An explanation is also included at the end of this document.

View Create iOS Icons.jsx
// Photoshop Script to Create iPhone Icons from iTunesArtwork
// WARNING!!! In the rare case that there are name collisions, this script will
// overwrite (delete perminently) files in the same folder in which the selected
// iTunesArtwork file is located. Therefore, to be safe, before running the
// script, it's best to make sure the selected iTuensArtwork file is the only
// file in its containing folder.
// Copyright (c) 2010 Matt Di Pasquale
// Added tweaks Copyright (c) 2012 by Josh Jones
johanneswuerbach / .travis.yml
Last active Jun 29, 2020
Deploy an iOS app to testflight using Travis CI
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language: objective-c
- ./scripts/travis/
- ./scripts/travis/
- ./scripts/travis/
sekati /
Created Jul 24, 2012
Xcode Auto-increment Build & Version Numbers
# @desc Auto-increment the build number every time the project is run.
# @usage
# 1. Select: your Target in Xcode
# 2. Select: Build Phases Tab
# 3. Select: Add Build Phase -> Add Run Script
# 4. Paste code below in to new "Run Script" section
# 5. Drag the "Run Script" below "Link Binaries With Libraries"
# 6. Insure that your starting build number is set to a whole integer and not a float (e.g. 1, not 1.0)
ayumi / kawaii_phrase.rb
Created Apr 5, 2012
Random positive 3-word phrase generator (e.g. "Enjoyable Green Turtle")
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module KawaiiPhrase
# Makes awesome random phrases such as "Enjoyable Green Turtle"
ADJ_1 = [
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