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For urgent issues, send me an email
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thlorenz /
Last active Nov 24, 2018
[settings] OBS settings for streaming with not so great internet

OBS Low Internet Settings

These were provided to me by @feross at some point and then I tweaked them to work with slow internet, i.e. 1MBPS up.

I'm posting the the screenshots of those settings in the comments and I added two files that I found via File/Show Profile Folder

sindresorhus / .profile
Created Apr 6, 2016 — forked from bmhatfield/.profile
Automatic Git commit signing with GPG on OSX
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# In order for gpg to find gpg-agent, gpg-agent must be running, and there must be an env
# variable pointing GPG to the gpg-agent socket. This little script, which must be sourced
# in your shell's init script (ie, .bash_profile, .zshrc, whatever), will either start
# gpg-agent or set up the GPG_AGENT_INFO variable if it's already running.
# Add the following to your shell init to set up gpg-agent automatically for every shell
if [ -f ~/.gnupg/.gpg-agent-info ] && [ -n "$(pgrep gpg-agent)" ]; then
source ~/.gnupg/.gpg-agent-info
bcoe /
Last active Jan 12, 2022

npm Users By Downloads (

npm users sorted by the monthly downloads of their modules, for the range May 6, 2018 until Jun 6, 2018.

Metrics are calculated using top-npm-users.

# User Downloads
feross / 1 - top dependencies.txt
Last active Jun 5, 2021
standard stats (updated 2017-06-23)
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`standard` is the 52th most depended on npm module. (counting dependencies and devDependencies)
standard 9860
snazzy 1004
eslint-config-standard 4235
mattdesl / top-100-dev-dependents.txt
Last active Aug 23, 2020
Top 100 Dev Dependents on npmjs (as of Jul 31, 2015)
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mocha 44731
chai 17944
grunt 17447
should 11882
grunt-contrib-jshint 11466
gulp 8619
istanbul 7374
tape 7313
sinon 6851
grunt-contrib-clean 6807
watson /
Last active Jul 20, 2021
A list of search and replace unix commands to help make a node repository 'standard' compliant

The standard code style linter is a great tool by Feross - check it out!

Remove trailing semicolons:

find . -path ./node_modules -prune -o -type f -name '*.js' -exec sed -i '' -e 's/;$//' {} \;

Ensure space between function and opening bracket:

maxogden /
Last active Sep 17, 2015
We Need An Automated Module Build System

We Need An Automated Module Build System

First, please read On Maintaining a Native Node Module

Problem: There is no standard way to build + distribute prebuilt binaries for node modules with native addons (e.g. C++ bindings).

There's a thing called NODE_MODULE_VERSION which is used to know if a native module was compiled for the correct version + flavor of node. If you are trying to load something compiled for e.g. iojs from February 2015 into node from March 2014 you will get an error something like Error: Module version mismatch. Expected 11, got 42. when you try and run your program. node uses numbers from 10 going up, and iojs uses numbers from 40 going up. The NODE_MODULE_VERSION gets bumped usually when V8 is upgraded, but sometimes for other reasons. It also gets even more complicated when you start talking about runtimes like Electron or Node-Webkit, but I won't get into that here. To my knowledge there is n

Vestride /
Last active Jan 9, 2022
Encoding video for the web

Encoding Video


Install FFmpeg with homebrew. You'll need to install it with a couple flags for webm and the AAC audio codec.

brew install ffmpeg --with-libvpx --with-libvorbis --with-fdk-aac --with-opus

NOTE I'm trying to find the most optimal fav/touch icon setup for my use-cases. Nothing new here. Read Mathias Bynens' articles on re-shortcut-icon and touch icons, a FAQ or a Cheat Sheet for all the details.

I'd like to hear how you approach this: @valuedstandards or comment on this gist.

The issue

You have to include a boatload of link elements pointing to many different images to provide (mobile) devices with a 'favicon' or 'touch icon':

![Touch Icon Links](

feross / WebTorrent
Last active Aug 29, 2017
WebTorrent Roadmap
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WebTorrent Roadmap

v1.0.0 Prove the vision YouTube for public domain content

  • Make website
  • Find public domain content
  • Host content to ensure it’s always available
  • Need web seed support