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Firefox bullshit removal via about:config

Firefox bullshit removal

Updated: Just use qutebrowser (and disable javascript). The web is done for.

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hiragashi commented Jan 15, 2018

@casecoded .... "the guy who made JavaScript" is the man that was forcibly shamed into resigning as the CEO of Mozilla. A co-founder. Built it up and then they ejected him because at some stage in his life he legally donated his own private cash to a political party that others didn't agree with.

Isn't mob outrage and targetted smear campaigns just grand?

also to haasn that owns this gist, you were told 2 years ago about a spelling mistake clear as day in the beacon setting and not a single thing has been done about it other than posting your links on social media platforms to spread the word on how great it is. Read your comments, think about what the person is writing and fix your shit up I guess. People are gonna come here blindly copy paste into about:config find that half the settings are missing and the other half dont show up because of blatant spelling mistakes and just look elsewhere for assistance

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Setting security.OCSP.require to true breaks a lot of functionality, particularly around anything related to Google, in case anyone was having trouble after applying some of these settings

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CAFxX commented Jan 21, 2018

@yb66 if you re-read my comment you will find the reasoning for not using non-standard configurations is right there: because you are easier to track (and that defeats the implicit goal of most tweaks in this gist, see all the author's remarks about "avoiding fingerprinting" and "user privacy"). See e.g.

About my point about the random gist about cryptographic "suggestions": I'm sorry if I wasn't clear enough. Let me rephrase: you should never trust opinions about how to do or not do cryptography from sources that the cryptographic community does not consider to be respectable. I have nothing against the author of this gist but, as I stated, it does not come even close to clearing that bar. (note that a simple way for the author to clear that bar would be to provide references to respectable sources as to why he's changing cryptographic settings - something that is conspicuously missing from the gist)

I hope my comment is clearer now.

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Webshitters are the modern-day Java corporate drones from the 00s.

Also Brendan Eich is a cunt.

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Atavic commented Apr 16, 2018

Palemoon is the closest fork of Firefox with still some sanity in it.

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nukeop commented May 13, 2018

Palemoon developers thinks he's in a position to dictate what extensions users can or cannot install, which makes his browser automatically unfit for purpose.

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MrYar commented Jan 1, 2019

It is a shame this was taken down by the author. It lives on in the "revisions" tab regardless for those that wish to still use it.
I suggest people wanting to block telemetry and data collection use my fork. I pared it down so hopefully it is a good compromise between keeping browsing usable and privacy, and I hope to keep it maintained.

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Atavic commented Jan 30, 2019

👍 @MrYar

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