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mudge / production.rb
Last active November 21, 2023 14:06
How to configure Rails and Rack::Attack to use the real client IP when running behind Cloudflare
Rails.application.configure do
# Add Cloudflare's IPs to the trusted proxy list so they are ignored when
# determining the true client IP.
# See and
config.action_dispatch.trusted_proxies = ActionDispatch::RemoteIp::TRUSTED_PROXIES + %w[
mslepko / updown_widget.js
Last active May 16, 2021 12:53
iOS Scriptable Widget
const api_domain = ""
const api_key = "INSERT_YOUR_API_KEY_HERE"
let w = new ListWidget() // Create the widget
w.backgroundColor = Color.clear() // add transparent background
//w.url= "" // an url to open on click
async function getChecks() {
const response = new Request(api_domain + '/checks?api-key=' + api_key);
jbaranski /
Created August 1, 2020 14:52
Convert an image (like JPG or TIF) to MBTiles using GDAL

Here are the steps needed to convert an image (like JPG or TIF) to MBTiles using GDAL:

  1. Download and install GDAL (,

       conda install -c conda-forge gdal

    Installing GDAL is kind of a pain in the ass, especially on Windows. I'm assuming you'll be able to work out whatever issues you run into here.

  2. Download example jpg and tif map images we can work with:

denizssch / XpSerials.txt
Created July 21, 2019 00:13
Windows XP ALL Serial Keys :) (For testing purpose [Ex: VM or PenTest])
Windows XP PRO Corporate serial number S/N: Key: MQPWW-PGVKX-YPMKG-8DH3G-KC8PW
windows xp home edition serial number S/N: 034634-262024-171505-828316-729010-413531-800424-400442
Windows XP 64 serial number S/N: B2RBK-7KPT9-4JP6X-QQFWM-PJD6G
Windows XP serial number S/N: K6C2K-KY62K-DQR84-RD4QV-QB74Q
Windows XP Professional 64-bit Corporate Edition 5.2.3790.1830 serial number S/N: VCFQD-V9FX9-46WVH-K3CD4-4J3JM
Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 serial number S/N: YY8F2-3CKVQ-RKTRG-6JMDR-9DTG6
Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1 sp1 serial number S/N: F46YY - 2R8VQ - R8GMY - 926VK - 6BQ73
Windows XP Pro serial number S/N: KBWR7-76BD8-J7MDQ-KKG&C-V9Q2J
justjanne / Price
Last active April 11, 2024 22:21 — forked from kylemanna/price.txt
Server Price Breakdown: DigitalOcean, Amazon AWS LightSail, Vultr, Linode, OVH, Hetzner, Scaleway/

Server Price Breakdown: DigitalOcean, Amazon AWS LightSail, Vultr, Linode, OVH, Hetzner, Scaleway/



Provider Type RAM Cores Storage Transfer Network Price
paulirish / bling.js
Last active May 1, 2024 19:56
bling dot js
/* bling.js */
window.$ = document.querySelectorAll.bind(document);
Node.prototype.on = window.on = function (name, fn) {
this.addEventListener(name, fn);
NodeList.prototype.__proto__ = Array.prototype;
O-I /
Last active February 21, 2024 19:02
[TIx 8] Weighted Random Sampling in Ruby

One of the many reasons I love working with Ruby is it has a rich vocabulary that allows you to accomplish your goals with a minimal amount of code. If there isn't a method that does exactly what you want, it's usually possible to build an elegant solution yourself.

Let's take the example of simulating the rolling of a die.

We can represent a die as an array of its faces.

die = [*?⚀..?⚅]
# => ["⚀", "⚁", "⚂", "⚃", "⚄", "⚅"]
lelandbatey /
Last active April 25, 2024 02:01
Whiteboard Picture Cleaner - Shell one-liner/script to clean up and beautify photos of whiteboards!


This simple script will take a picture of a whiteboard and use parts of the ImageMagick library with sane defaults to clean it up tremendously.

The script is here:

convert "$1" -morphology Convolve DoG:15,100,0 -negate -normalize -blur 0x1 -channel RBG -level 60%,91%,0.1 "$2"


ruby-1.9.3-p392 cumulative performance patch for rbenv

(I guarantee nothing. No warranty I am not responsible blah blah blah. Seems to work great for me so far. Thanks to Tyler Bird who I forked this from.)

This installs a patched ruby 1.9.3-p392 with the railsexpress patchsets:


chuckbjones / deploy.rb
Created August 22, 2012 07:51
Generate static html files at deploy time in Rails 3.x
# define a method to run rake tasks
def run_rake(task, options={}, &block)
rake = fetch(:rake, 'rake')
rails_env = fetch(:rails_env, 'production')
command = "cd #{current_path} && #{rake} #{task} RAILS_ENV=#{rails_env}"
run(command, options, &block)