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jbouzekri / Interview back-end developer
Last active Nov 13, 2019 — forked from jpchateau/Interview back-end developer
Entretien développeur back : PHP / Symfony / MySQL
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Cible : Développeur PHP / Symfony / MySQL
Niveau : Senior
Ce document propose des questions classiques, sans piège, à poser lorsque vous désirez valider un candidat pour un poste de développeur back.
J'utilise personnellement cette trame de questions, libre à vous de vous en inspirer, d'ajouter vos propres questions, et de déterminer lesquelles sont éliminatoires à vos yeux.
Veille technologique
Quelle est la version actuelle de PHP ?
jbouzekri / Vagrantfile
Created Aug 24, 2018
Vagrant file for ubuntu bionic 64 in gui mode
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Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| = "ubuntu/bionic64"
config.vm.provider "virtualbox" do |v|
v.gui = true
v.memory = 2048
# In case you need an IP to access the VM from another software :
# "private_network", ip: ""
jbouzekri /
Last active Jun 14, 2018
detach azure disks used in kubernetes pods errored because of disk related issues
if [ "$#" -ne 4 ]; then
echo "Illegal number of parameters"
echo ""
echo "Usage: ./ <azure subscription id> <azure resource_group> <kube context> <kube namespace>"
echo ""
echo "Find all pods in error, checks if it is related to an Azure disk issue. Then detach from azure VM these disks. It should trigger a resync automatically on kube side. Run the scripts multiple times if the first time is not the one."
exit 1
jbouzekri /
Created Dec 20, 2016
python tcp echo server
import sys
import socket
import threading
import SocketServer
from socket import error as SocketError
import errno
class SingleTCPHandler(SocketServer.BaseRequestHandler):
def handle(self):
while True:
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Verifying that +jbouzekri is my blockchain ID.
jbouzekri / gist:2573f3228ba613bfab2b
Created Oct 20, 2015
chrome JS snippet to export compatible mobile in Google dev console
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var allLabel = document.querySelectorAll('div[role=menu] ul li a span');
for (keycomp in allLabel) {
if (typeof allLabel[keycomp] == 'object') {
var label = allLabel[keycomp].textContent;
if (label.startsWith('Tous les appareils')) {
var allNumber = label.substring(label.lastIndexOf("(")+1,label.lastIndexOf(")"));
} else if (label.startsWith('Compatible')) {
var compNumber = label.substring(label.lastIndexOf("(")+1,label.lastIndexOf(")"));
jbouzekri / FeatureContext.php
Created Feb 27, 2015
A nice wait for js calls ending function in behat
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* @author Gildas Quéméner <>
* @copyright 2013 Akeneo SAS (
* @license Open Software License (OSL 3.0)
use Behat\Behat\Exception\BehaviorException;
use Behat\Mink\Driver\Selenium2Driver;
jbouzekri / proxy.js
Created Aug 14, 2014
Test proxy request from a browser to a tcp server accross node js. Browser -> websocket -> tcp server. Its working
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A nodejs websocket proxy which forward a request from a websocket to a tcp server.
var io = require('').listen(8080);
var net = require('net');
io.sockets.on('connection', function (socket) {
var client = new net.Socket();
jbouzekri / git-create-repo
Created Jul 22, 2014
Create a bare repository in your git server
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: '
Place this script in a folder of your PATH and add execute rights to it
You can then use git create-repo REPO_NAME (without .git at the end) to init a bare repo in your current folder
set -e
if [ $# -ne 1 ]
View syntax.css
.highlight .hll { background-color: #49483e }
.highlight { background: #272822; color: #f8f8f2 }
.highlight pre { background: transparent; color: #f8f8f2 }
.highlight .c { color: #75715e } /* Comment */
.highlight .err { color: #960050; background-color: #1e0010 } /* Error */
.highlight .k { color: #66d9ef } /* Keyword */
.highlight .l { color: #ae81ff } /* Literal */
.highlight .n { color: #f8f8f2 } /* Name */
.highlight .o { color: #f92672 } /* Operator */
.highlight .p { color: #f8f8f2 } /* Punctuation */