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Watching the chamaeleon.

Michael Hunger jexp

Watching the chamaeleon.
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jexp / 01-load.cypher
Last active Jul 6, 2021
Wahlomat Daten Sachsen Anhalt 2021
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create index on :Partei(name);
create index on :These(name);
create constraint if not exists on (p:Partei) assert is unique;
create constraint if not exists on (t:These) assert is unique;
load csv with headers from
as row
merge (p:Partei {id:toInteger(row.`Partei: Nr.`)}) on create set p.text = row.`Partei: Name`, = row.`Partei: Kurzbezeichnung`
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//Movies based on similar users and favorite genres
MATCH (u:Users)-[:WATCHED]->(m:Movies)
WHERE u.userId ='1'
WITH collect(m) as watchedMovies
MATCH (u:Users)-[:WATCHED]->(m1:Movies)-[s:SIMILAR]->(m2:Movies),
(m2)-[:GENRES]->(g:Genres), (u)-[:FAVORITE]->(g)
WHERE u.userId ='10' and m2 IN watchedMovies
RETURN distinct u.userId as userId, g.genres as genres, m2.title as title, m2.rating_mean as rating
jexp /
Created Jun 8, 2021
Random Giphy images in Jupyter notebook to keep your audience entertained while they wait for data processing
!pip install giphy_client
import giphy_client
import random
from IPython.core.display import display, HTML
api_instance = giphy_client.DefaultApi()
api_key = '***' # from
search = 'science'
api_response = api_instance.gifs_search_get( api_key, search, limit=25)
images = [img.images.fixed_height.url for img in]
jexp / dependencies.cypher
Last active Jun 4, 2021
Google to #Neo4j graph on
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// load initial package, adjust your name and version
with "org.neo4j:neo4j-kernel" as name, '4.2.6' as version
call apoc.load.json(""+name+"/v/"+version+"/dependencies") yield value
where value.package.system = 'MAVEN'
merge (p:Package:Maven {, version:value.version})
with *
unwind value.dependencies as dep
with p, dep where dep.package.system = 'MAVEN'
merge (d:Package:Maven {, version:dep.version})
View lombardi.cypher
call apoc.load.json("") yield value
unwind value.nodes as n
call apoc.create.node([split(n.type,'#')[1]], n {.id, .name}) yield node
with value,,"id") as nodes
unwind value.links as r
call apoc.create.relationship(nodes[r.source],split(r.type,'#')[1], {amount:toFloat(r.amount)},nodes[]) yield rel
return count(*);
jexp / transcript.txt
Created Apr 2, 2021
Devrel twitter space hoste by Colby with Angie, Sarah, Kelsey, Emily, James
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Dev Rel
Don’t sound smart
Help others feels smart
Break thinks down to simple bits
Developer empathy
Not just for senior audiences
Netlify - docs, dx-eng, eng-integrations
Employee of community. Company is a sponsor
Ambassador progr.
jexp /
Last active Mar 16, 2021
Read correct YouTube Playlist views from the YT data API with Python (here Neo4j Twitch Stream videos)
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# pip install --upgrade google-api-python-client google-auth-httplib2 google-auth-oauthlib
# python
import os
import sys
import json
jexp / load_nature_papers.cypher
Created Mar 10, 2021
Loading the cocited papers from the Nature visualisation into Neo4j
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call apoc.load.csv('!cociteNodes.csv',{})
yield map
create (p:Paper) set p =map {.NatureID, .PubYear, .Title, .HierCat, .size}
return count(*) as papers;
create index on :Paper(NatureID);
call db.awaitIndexes();
call apoc.load.csv('!cociteEdges.csv',{ignore:['path']})
yield map
jexp / categories.csv
Created Jan 27, 2021
Northwind CSV Files Neo4j Import
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CategoryID CategoryName Description Picture
1 Beverages Soft drinks, coffees, teas, beers, and ales \x
2 Condiments Sweet and savory sauces, relishes, spreads, and seasonings \x
3 Confections Desserts, candies, and sweet breads \x
4 Dairy Products Cheeses \x
5 Grains/Cereals Breads, crackers, pasta, and cereal \x
6 Meat/Poultry Prepared meats \x
7 Produce Dried fruit and bean curd \x
8 Seafood Seaweed and fish \x
View create-job-data.cypher
create constraint on (j:Job) assert is unique;
// rows = [{id:1, name:"ddd"},{id:2,,}]
session.write_transaction(lambda tx:"""
unwind $rows as row
merge (j:Job {}) on create set =
""", rows=rows)
call apoc.periodic.iterate(
"call apoc.load.json(url) yield value return value",