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Jason Dobry jmdobry

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romankierzkowski / 0_falsy_.js
Last active Feb 22, 2020
True, False and Equal in JS
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/* false, 0, undefined, null, NaN, "" are false */
> Boolean(false)
> Boolean(0)
> Boolean("")
> Boolean(undefined)
plentz / nginx.conf
Last active Jul 25, 2021
Best nginx configuration for improved security(and performance). Complete blog post here
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# to generate your dhparam.pem file, run in the terminal
openssl dhparam -out /etc/nginx/ssl/dhparam.pem 2048
hrbrmstr / bls.R
Created Sep 15, 2013
Sample of how to extract and process US Bureau of Labor Statistics JSON API data :
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# get data formats from:
# this one is "Average Hourly Earnings of All Employees: Private Service-Providing (CEU0800000003)"
bls.content <- getURLContent("")
bls.json <- fromJSON(bls.content, simplify=TRUE)
bls.df <- data.frame(year=sapply(bls.json$Results[[1]]$series[[1]]$data,"[[","year"),
dypsilon /
Last active Jul 23, 2021
A badass list of frontend development resources I collected over time.
geddski / service-demystification-test.js
Created Jun 19, 2013
Demystification of Angular's services.
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var expect = chai.expect;
describe('services', function(){
var goat, monkey, monkey2, Donkey, tiger1, tiger2, lion;
//load the module
//configure providers
desandro /
Created Jan 31, 2013
Can you help me understand the benefit of require.js?

I'm having trouble understanding the benefit of require.js. Can you help me out? I imagine other developers have a similar interest.

From Require.js - Why AMD:

The AMD format comes from wanting a module format that was better than today's "write a bunch of script tags with implicit dependencies that you have to manually order"

I don't quite understand why this methodology is so bad. The difficult part is that you have to manually order dependencies. But the benefit is that you don't have an additional layer of abstraction.

coolaj86 / How to
Last active Dec 11, 2015
How to sign up for Amazon Web Service (VPS) Free Tier
Wizek / logFactory.js
Last active Oct 11, 2015
Superpowered logging for AngularJS
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// Superpowered logging for AngularJS.
angular.module('logFactory', ['ng'])
.value('logFactory_whiteList', /.*/)
//.value('logFactory_whiteList', /!|.*Ctrl|run/)
.value('logFactory_piercingMethods', {warn:true, error:true})
.factory('logFactory', ['$log', 'logFactory_whiteList' , 'logFactory_piercingMethods', function ($log, whiteList, piercing) {
piercing = piercing || {}

I just had to set up Jenkins to use GitHub. My notes (to myself, mostly):

Detailed Instructions

For setting up Jenkins to build GitHub projects. This assumes some ability to manage Jenkins, use the command line, set up a utility LDAP account, etc. Please share or improve this Gist as needed.

Install Jenkins Plugins

joelverhagen /
Created Feb 12, 2012
Jekyll YouTube Embed Plugin

This is a plugin meant for Jekyll.

Example use:

Easily embed a YouTube video. Just drop this file in your _plugins directory.

{% youtube oHg5SJYRHA0 %}