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Program Name: 1Password Game

Notes from Coed:Ethics conference, London, 13 July 2018

Cori Crider - "When data kills" / Weaponised AI

  • Imam Salem bin Ali Jaber preached in Yemen against Islamic extremism; guest at a wedding of relative; hit by a US Hellfire missile fired from a drone. Relative Faisal made contact with Cori, went to Washington DC. No explanation ever made by government (although compensation was paid).
  • Decision-making process behind the attack not known exactly. But there is significant evidence that such attacks serve to further radicalise people; attack results in ~3x more new recruits than extremists killed by attack.
  • Most drone attacks are not on named individuals, but rather "signature strikes" — a euphemism for killing people the military doesn't even know, but who match a certain behavioural pattern (perhaps based on metadata — Hayden: "we kill people based on metadata"
  • Skynet (known through Snowden relevations): use machine learning to try to find courier
ssgtcookie / .gitlab-ci.yml
Created Oct 25, 2017
Google App Engine - Gitlab CI deployment
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image: google/cloud-sdk:latest
- deploy
stage: deploy
environment: Production
- master
acsellers / reverse.go
Created Aug 3, 2017
Golang Reverse String preserving Combining Characters
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package main
import (
var combining = &unicode.RangeTable{
R16: []unicode.Range16{
{0x0300, 0x036f, 1}, // combining diacritical marks
jhaddix / all.txt
Last active Jan 22, 2021
all wordlists from every dns enumeration tool... ever. Please excuse the lewd entries =/
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This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
swlaschin /
Last active Jul 10, 2017
Functional Track talks from NDC London 2017

Functional Track talks from NDC London 2017

Also, here is the list of all videos from NDC London 2017:

Wednesday 2017-01-18

posener /
Last active Jan 9, 2021
Why I Recommend to Avoid Using the go-kit Library

Why I Recommend to Avoid Using the go-kit Library

There is a trending 'microservice' library called go-kit. I've been using the go-kit library for a while now. The library provide a lot of convenience integrations that you might need in your service: with service discovery with Consul, distributed tracing with Zipkin, for example, and nice logic utilities such as round robin client side load balancing, and circuit breaking. It is also providing a way to implement communication layer, with support of RPC and REST.

clarketm / google-dorks
Created Jan 30, 2017 — forked from stevenswafford/google-dorks
Listing of a number of useful Google dorks.
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" _ _ "
" _ /|| . . ||\ _ "
" ( } \||D ' ' ' C||/ { % "
" | /\__,=_[_] ' . . ' [_]_=,__/\ |"
" |_\_ |----| |----| _/_|"
" | |/ | | | | \| |"
" | /_ | | | | _\ |"
It is all fun and games until someone gets hacked!
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port module Spelling exposing (..)
import Html exposing (..)
import Html.App as App
import Html.Attributes exposing (..)
import Html.Events exposing (..)
import String
main =

Applied Functional Programming with Scala - Notes

Copyright © 2016-2018 Fantasyland Institute of Learning. All rights reserved.

1. Mastering Functions

A function is a mapping from one set, called a domain, to another set, called the codomain. A function associates every element in the domain with exactly one element in the codomain. In Scala, both domain and codomain are types.

val square : Int => Int = x => x * x