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Created December 19, 2013 19:25
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We're doing a small year-end news nerd countdown on Source. Lists are too much, so please send us ONE THING—an app, a tool, an article, a tweet, an image, a map, or something else entirely—that you loved this year. Might be something that made your job easier or made you smarter, or it might have more obscure relevance. All we ask is that you can link to it.

Don't think too hard about it, just take 30 seconds and send one in now to We'll be posting an assembly of favorite things and all we can say about it right now is that there will be GIFs.


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I discovered this year. I am still far from really getting everything (does anybody except Mike Bostock anyway?). Being able to display a map from pure geodata in the browser was my personal best moment in coding this year.

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zseward commented Dec 20, 2013

Close to home, but my colleague David's Chartbuilder has completely transformed how we do things at Quartz:

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I'm gonna go with

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Just starting to learn how Knockout can integrate with SharePoint but seems to be very powerful. Looking forward to mastering in 2014.

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eads commented Dec 20, 2013

Two Javascript libraries were of great utility to me this year. imgLiquid helps resize photos to fit a container. Having written my own version of such code a few times, this one works shocking well. Waypoints is an equally useful library for scroll-based event triggers and effects.

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For me, the Beaglebone Black was key - a simple, cheap, powerful way to prototype IoT-style interactions

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Sublime Text with SFTP. It meant never having to code within a CMS <textarea> ever again.

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It's far from new, but learning Make was huge for me. Mike Bostock's post earlier this year on how and why to use Make changed how I do every project.

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A visualization of a race synchronized with a video made with d3 + OpenStreetMap + a GoPro + CartoDB.

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+1 for Mixture. Absolute ace for prototyping. My take on it.

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jkeefe commented Dec 23, 2013

Tiny Circuits. Arduinos the size of a coin. Yummy.

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I recently discovered Bret Victor's book-length design treatise, "Magic Ink", full of revelations, inspirations and provocations.

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Yeoman...its simplification and conveniences for the building of JavaScript applications made me really appreciate how important workflow is to actually finishing -- and enjoying -- projects.

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Templating has made app building so much easier...

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