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(a gist based on the old toolmantim article on setting up remote repos)

To collaborate in a distributed development process you’ll need to push code to remotely accessible repositories.

This is somewhat of a follow-up to the previous article setting up a new rails app with git.

For the impatient

Set up the new bare repo on the server:

petertodd / gist:8e87c782bdf342ef18fb
Last active Dec 13, 2020
What the tx-flood stress-test means for you and how to deal with it

PoW vs PoS - Environment and Security

Date: Jul 21, 2019
Updated: See Github revisions timestamps

In questions sprouted from this thread:

I copy them here into this gist in the hopes that it will serve others and so that in the future I have something I can link people to. My thanks to @Jehan for the opportunity to put my thoughts on this subject into a somewhat easier-to-read medium.

> I've always had trouble understanding the narrative that the owners of huge

Sjors /
Last active Dec 4, 2021
Hardware Wallet Support in GUI and RPC, using HWI


Final User Experience

A user plugs in their hardware wallet and creates a new wallet. It automatigically detects the device and imports the keys:

The user can verify a receive address on their device with just a click:

hebasto /
Last active Mar 16, 2022
The `bitcoin-core/guix.sigs` Repository Workflow

The bitcoin-core/guix.sigs Repository Workflow

Common environment variables

export SIGNER="hebasto"
export GUIX_SIGS_REPO="/home/hebasto/guix.sigs"
export DETACHED_SIGS_REPO="/home/hebasto/bitcoin-detached-sigs"

L2 protocols

Trust protocols (not always auditable)

  • Full custody (Coinbase)
  • 2-of-3 arbitration / DLC
  • Threshold multisig (ecash, Liquid)
  • Off-chain peg-out tx (statechains)
  • Collateralized custody

Payment channels

hebasto /
Last active Jun 16, 2022
Bitcoin Core CMake-based build system

Bitcoin Core CMake-based build system

See: hebasto/bitcoin#3

The stuff below has been outdated.

This work is in progress...

AdamISZ /
Last active Jul 1, 2022
Lightweight anti-Sybil with anonymity in Bitcoin


Due to unexpected failures of github's LaTeX parsing (which were not evident until I published this, but have persisted afterwards), and since the mathematical parts are important in this, I have migrated this proposal to a blog post with identical content, but correctly formatted equations.

Please continue to put any comments here.