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getify / 1.js
Last active Apr 11, 2019
tag function for formatting console.log(..) statements
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function logger(strings,...values) {
var str = "";
for (let i = 0; i < strings.length; i++) {
if (i > 0) {
if (values[i-1] && typeof values[i-1] == "object") {
if (values[i-1] instanceof Error) {
if (values[i-1].stack) {
str += values[i-1].stack;
getify /
Last active Jan 17, 2020
A question about JS parameter scopes, and closures over them vs function scopes

I received a question about this snippet of code:

function def(first="oldValue" , second=function(){
         return first;
        var first="updatedValue";
faermanj /
Last active Jun 30, 2020
AWS Well Architected: Performance Efficiency Notes


PERF 1. How do you select the best performing architecture?

"In God we trust, all others bring data" W. Edwards Deming

Performance 👎

  • Latency
  • Throughput
  • Latency ⍺ Concurrent Users
antirez / lmdb.tcl
Created Apr 28, 2017
LMDB -- First version of Redis written in Tcl
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# Copyriht (C) 2009 Salvatore Sanfilippo <>
# All Rights Reserved
# - cron with cleanup of timedout clients, automatic dump
# - the dump should use array startsearch to write it line by line
# and may just use gets to read element by element and load the whole state.
# - 'help','stopserver','saveandstopserver','save','load','reset','keys' commands.
# - ttl with milliseconds resolution 'ttl a 1000'. Check ttl in dump!
alexcasalboni /
Last active Jun 11, 2020
Bridge Function between Kinesis Streams and Step Functions

Bridge Function between Kinesis Streams and Step Functions

For each record read from the Kinesis Stream, a StepFunction state machine will be executed asynchronously.

Required Environment Variables

  • region: the AWS region where your StepFunction state machine is defined.
  • stateMachineArn: the ARN of the StepFunction state machine you want to execute.


alexcasalboni /
Last active May 31, 2018
AWS Lambda: Advanced Coding Session -

AWS Lambda: Advanced Coding Session (slides)

Live demos:

  1. Amazon API Gateway Access Control
  2. Amazon Kinesis Streams processing
  3. Amazon Cognito Sync trigger
  4. AWS CloudFormation Custom Resources
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<!-- Please remove all commented out code before using. Visit for more regular expressions available in TextWrangler -->
<!-- \r is line break, \s is non whitespace, \t tab, this looks for table cells and image tags with missing attributes -->
|<td>|<td>\r*?\s*?\t*?<img|(<img\s*(?!.*\r*?.*?\r*?.*?display: ?block.*?\r?))
<!-- image formatting and styles: height, width, block, alt text -->
<!-- break tag variants -->
<!-- special characters -->
leonardofed /
Last active Aug 14, 2020
A curated list of AWS resources to prepare for the AWS Certifications

A curated list of AWS resources to prepare for the AWS Certifications

A curated list of awesome AWS resources you need to prepare for the all 5 AWS Certifications. This gist will include: open source repos, blogs & blogposts, ebooks, PDF, whitepapers, video courses, free lecture, slides, sample test and many other resources.


Git Cheat Sheet

Visit my blog.


Getting Started

git init


maxogden /
Last active Aug 12, 2020
JS hoisting by example

JavaScript function hoisting by example

Below are many examples of function hoisting behavior in JavaScript. Ones marked as works successfuly print 'hi!' without errors.

To play around with these examples (recommended) clone them with git and execute them with e.g. node a.js

Notes on hoisting

(I may be using incorrect terms below, please forgive me)

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