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Fixes references to inline SVG elements when the <base> tag is in use.
* SVG Fixer
* Fixes references to inline SVG elements when the <base> tag is in use.
* Firefox won't display SVG icons referenced with
* `<svg><use xlink:href="#id-of-icon-def"></use></svg>` when the <base> tag is on the page.
* More info:
* -
* -
* One would think that setting the `xml:base` attribute fixes things,
* but that is being removed from the platform:
(function(document, window) {
"use strict";
* Initialize the SVG Fixer after the DOM is ready
document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() {
* Current URL, without the hash
var baseUrl = window.location.href
.replace(window.location.hash, "");
* Find all `use` elements with a namespaced `href` attribute, e.g.
* <use xlink:href="#some-id"></use>
* See:
* Filter out all elements whose namespaced `href` attribute doesn't
* start with `#` (i.e. all non-relative IRI's)
* Note: we're assuming the `xlink` prefix for the XLink namespace!
.filter(function(element) {
return (element.getAttribute("xlink:href").indexOf("#") === 0);
* Prepend `window.location` to the namespaced `href` attribute value,
* in order to make it an absolute IRI
* Note: we're assuming the `xlink` prefix for the XLink namespace!
.forEach(function(element) {
element.setAttribute("xlink:href", baseUrl + element.getAttribute("xlink:href"));
}, false);
}(document, window));

Thanks... This helped me to get my svgs working on Firefox

Thanks for this polyfill !

Same here. Many thanks !!!!

Thanks a lot ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Klenkes commented Feb 19, 2016

Huge thanks from me too!
Since I am male no red hearts but both thumbs up, a long and happy life, and again many thanks for saving my day.

w8r commented Apr 7, 2016

@leonderijke, thank you big time! if only I could get the time back I wasted finding out what causes that in a huge app))

As far as I can tell this is an issue in Chrome as well.

Thanx for that. You saved my life!

gera2ld commented May 17, 2016

This is great! But still has problem in Chrome.

You good sir, have just saved me from seeing a 70+ hour plugin fail miserably because its icons wouldn't show.
Long life to you.

lastmjs commented Aug 24, 2016

Thanks a ton! Can we get a license for this?

adyz commented Aug 31, 2016

Sometimes I have some # links that I forgot to preventDefault and when I have locations like localhost:3000/# the script does not work properly.

You can add .replace('#', ''); to the baseUrl after replacing hash

Great find, it took me a while to figure out the my BASE tag was the culprit.
Tip for people using Angular or React: make a SVG component that does the path replacement on render.
For my angular app, the Domload event would happen before any of the ng-repeated rows would be rendered so the paths would not be replaced. Turning the svg into a component solved that for me since on creation I could replace the path.

lnked commented Feb 7, 2017


This saved my team the work of re-exporting all of our SVGs, thanks!

rik commented Apr 24, 2017

This workaround will soon not be needed anymore. Firefox and Edge are changing behaviours so by October 2017, we can remove it from our projects.

jgbas67 commented May 23, 2017

Saved my day, thanks!!

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