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How to remove node_modules after they have been added to a repo

How to remove node_modules

Create a .gitignore file

  1. Check for an existing .gitignore file in the project directory
ls -a
  1. If your project directory has a .gitingore file - skip to step 3. Otherwise, continue with:

Create a .gitignore file in the git repository

touch .gitignore

Remove the node_modules directory

  1. Open up the .gitignore and add the following line to the file
  1. Remove the node_modules folder from the git repository
git rm -r --cached node_modules

Commit All Changes

  1. Commit the git repository without the node_modules folder
git commit -m "Removed node_modules folder"
  1. Push the change to the remote repo
git push origin main
  1. Commit the .gitignore file
git add .gitignore
git commit -m "Updated the .gitignore file"
git push origin main
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wgbcamp commented Jan 30, 2022

You're a wizard!

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Thank you so much! Saved me so much time.

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Thanks a lot.

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Superb. Worked for me in 1st time. Thanks a lot.

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whew. Thx!

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Wow thanks!!

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Thank you so much !

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