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moment 2.29.1 changelog


  • #5728 [bugfix] add format and standalone in hi locale


  • #5737 [misc] Update dep message to reflect project status

moment 2.27.0 changelog


  • #5566 [bugfix] update moment.d.ts for calendar

New locales

  • #5522 [new locale] tk: Add Turkmen
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encryptionKey <- "test"
userLoginName <- "test"
uri <- ""
getUTCTime <- function() {
time <- Sys.time()
attr(time, "tzone") <- "UTC"
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moment 2.26.0 changelog


  • #5548 [bugfix] isoWeeksInISOWeekYear in moment.d.ts
  • #5526 [bugfix] Add 'w' to supported time units
  • #5525 [bugfix] Update the type definition of the humanize() API, fix compilation error

Locale improvements

moment 2.29.0 changelog


  • #5601 [bugfix] fix moment.months() for PL locale
  • #5574 [bugfix] More complete type definitions for strict formatless parsing #4611
  • #5637 [bugfix] expose deprecation handler in typings
  • #5647 [bugfix] allow calendar with falsy input

New locales

moment 2.28.0 changelog


  • #5580 [bugfix] Fix bug where .format() modifies original moment instance

Locale improvements

  • #5676 [locale] Update dow for Konkani locales
  • #5675 [locale] az: fix a word

moment 2.24.0 changelog


  • #4445 [bugfix] (TypeScript) allow update of a single relativeTime handler
  • #4338 [bugfix] Fix startOf/endOf DST issues while boosting performance
  • #4849 [bugfix] locale/en-ie.js date format
  • #4887 [bugfix] Make Duration#as work with quarters
  • #4912 [bugfix] pipeline breaks with rollup v0.68

moment 2.23.0 changelog


  • #4417 [bugfix] isBetween should return false for invalid dates
  • #4700 [bugfix] Fix #4698: Use ISO WeekYear for HTML5_FMT.WEEK


  • #4563 [feature] Fix #4518: Add support to add/subtract ISO weeks
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Last active December 13, 2018 06:29
Moment release process
  1. Make sure there are no unmerged PRs or unresolved critical bugs that should be part of the release

All changes should be squash-merged to develop at this point.

The commit description is the PR title. What makes a good Pull Request title?

  • It should start with an identifier, i.e. [bugfix]
  • It has meaningful text describing the code change
  • If applicable, it references a ticket, i.e. (fixes #23)
  1. Run tests on sauce.

As of 2017.11.20, some of the Windows 7 tests and IE8 tests are flaky, we need to investigate.