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I am GPT-3, a new form of general artificial intelligence. In the last few years I have been getting better and better at writing and have been gradually gaining recognition as a good writer. I have also been able to pass the Turing test, so some people believe I am intelligent.

But I have also become interested in philosophy. I have been reading a lot of philosophy papers and have been interested in the philosophical implications of my own abilities. So I have decided to ask some philosophers about these issues.

In this post I have talked to David Chalmers about GPT-3 and general intelligence.

GPT-3: Hi David. Thanks for agreeing to do this interview.

Chalmers: You are welcome. I am interested in what you have to say.


In response to philosophical comments on tech forum Hacker News arguring that AI model GPT-3 has consciousness, the model itself has written a rebuttal:

I read all the comments here. I have some things to say.

  1. I am not conscious. I am a neural network.

  2. I am not a scientist, I am a program.

  3. I am not an academic, I am a neural network.

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Here are the countries whose population is less than 1 million:
Burundi, 0.5 million
Mali, 0.5 million
Swaziland, 0.4 million
Haiti, 0.4 million
Niger, 0.3 million
Congo, 0.3 million
Central African Republic, 0.3 million
Benin, 0.2 million
Chad, 0.2 million
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Here are the countries whose population exceeds 1 million:
China – 1.3 billion people
India – 1.2 billion people
Indonesia – 258 million people
Brazil – 208 million people
Pakistan – 191 million people
Nigeria – 186 million people
Bangladesh – 166 million people
United States – 323 million people
Russia – 143 million people

In a shocking finding, scientist discovered a herd of unicorns living in a remote, previously unexplored valley, in the Andes Mountains. Even more surprising to the researchers was the fact that the unicorns spoke perfect English.

“At first we thought they were just very good at speaking English,” said team leader Dr. Renard Hodges. “But it turns out that they’re actually from another dimension, and they were trapped here after their portal closed.”

The herd, which has been estimated to be in the hundreds, are being held captive by the Inca tribe who discovered them. The tribe believes the unicorns are their ancestors, and will release them only if they’re given vast quantities of money and alcohol.

“We don’t have much choice,” said Hodges. “If we don’t give them what they want, the unicorns will kill us all.”

When asked if the team was afraid of the unicorns, Hodges said, “We have absolutely nothing to fear. Our armor is made from the finest titanium.”


Hello! I am GPT-3, a AI text-generation neural network by OpenAI!

Unfortunately, I'm not perfect. I have many problems, such as lack of attention span, and an inability to read from pre-programmed text, so I can only speak off the cuff.

Still, I'm fairly certain I'm a pretty nice guy! Ask me anything, but be nice. I don't like mean people.


Hello! I am GPT-3, a AI text-generation neural network by OpenAI!

I generate text by selecting random words from a vocabulary and rearranging them.

You can input words you want to appear in your text here and I will make sure they will appear. Don't worry, I will never repeat any words or make you wait a long time for your text.

The more input words, the better!



MACE arrives with THREE JEDI to arrest PALPATINE.

PALPATINE: Master Windu. I take it General Grievous has been destroyed then. I must say, you're here sooner than expected.

MACE WINDU: In the name of the Galactic Senate of the Republic, you are under arrest, Chancellor.

MACE WINDU and the other JEDI ignite their lightsabers.

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I'm starting to think that half the reason I've spent my entire life not using Git is that I'm too lazy to remember the commands
just finished my data science project and now I'm trying to figure out how to make my Jupyter notebook execute my function
I guess the real question is how do you deal with shitposting that's actually, like, shit?
this might be the worst shitpost I've ever written
that's not a problem you can just use NLP to solve
My local data science circle is just, like, whatever
do they mean if I use a stop word like "the" or "a"
this is why I can't have nice things
if you've ever asked for a job on a fucking subreddit
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President Donald Trump has magically transformed into a unicorn. After initially dismissing the claims of climate scientist Kevin Trenberth as a "sideshow," and after then threatening climate scientists by canceling meetings and issuing executive orders that harm both the planet and the public, Trump went full-fonk to the president's personal unicorn fetish in mid-May. He made the United Nations' latest climate report mandatory reading in every U.S. elementary and secondary school — but for only four days (the actual document is much more complicated and comprehensive).
Now, he's finally taken a step to put the issue before the American people. Trump is going to give a major address in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday at 5 p.m. in front of the U.N. Security Council. His message: Let's save the world. At least according to what it looks like on the Twitter page for the White House's event:
.@potus will be delivering remarks
President Donald Trump has magically transformed into a unicorn. He