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marcan /
Last active Aug 9, 2020
Linux kernel initialization, translated to bash
# Linux kernel userspace initialization code, translated to bash
# (Minus floppy disk handling, because seriously, it's 2017.)
# Not 100% accurate, but gives you a good idea of how kernel init works
# GPLv2, Copyright 2017 Hector Martin <>
# Based on Linux 4.10-rc2.
# Note: pretend chroot is a builtin and affects the current process
# Note: kernel actually uses major/minor device numbers instead of device name
yann2192 /
Last active Mar 11, 2019
Hardening USB Armory

Hardening the USB Armory

As a good crypto nerd, I usually use an entirely encrypted linux FS: / but also /boot using grub LUKS support. It's a good setup but it's not perfect, the BIOS and the bootloader are not protected.

I recently got a USBArmory and I wanted to apply the same (or a better) setup.

I found some useful links but no clear howto. So this is my setup.

sburns /
Last active Jul 9, 2018
This is a 5-minute (hahaha yeah right) demo of some things you might not have thought to do with the jupyter notebook to make it a good dev environment.

tmux all the things

$ tmux new -s demo

Make & activate a virtualenv

pyenv virtualenv 3.5.0 demo
pyenv activate demo
python --version

Git Cheat Sheet

Visit my blog.


Getting Started

git init



Hello, visitors! If you want an updated version of this styleguide in repo form with tons of real-life examples… check out Trellisheets!

Trello CSS Guide

“I perfectly understand our CSS. I never have any issues with cascading rules. I never have to use !important or inline styles. Even though somebody else wrote this bit of CSS, I know exactly how it works and how to extend it. Fixes are easy! I have a hard time breaking our CSS. I know exactly where to put new CSS. We use all of our CSS and it’s pretty small overall. When I delete a template, I know the exact corresponding CSS file and I can delete it all at once. Nothing gets left behind.”

You often hear updog saying stuff like this. Who’s updog? Not much, who is up with you?

nicolasembleton /
Last active Aug 7, 2020
Restart Bluetooth Daemon on Mac OS X without restarting
sudo kextunload -b
sudo kextload -b
danielpunkass /
Last active Jul 22, 2018
A simple lldb module for adding an "fsa" command to inject F-Script anywhere into any process
Automate loading of F-Script Anywhere into any app.
By Daniel Jalkut - @danielpunkass -
To set up:
0. Make sure you have FScript.framework installed in /Library/Frameworks (
1. Copy this script to ~/.lldb/
2. Add the following to your ~/.lldbinit file:
jjgod /
Last active Jun 16, 2020
Using ccache for Mac builds


ccache is a compiler cache. It speeds up recompilation of C/C++ code by caching previous compilations and detecting when the same compilation is being done again. This often results in a significant speedup in common compilations, especially when switching between branches. This page is about using ccache on Mac with clang and ninja build system. If you want to use Xcode, please refer to the old CCacheMac page.

In order to use ccache with clang, you need to use the current git HEAD, since the most recent version (3.1.9) doesn't contain the patch needed for using chromium style plugin.


To install ccache with [homebrew](http://mxcl.

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