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nicoptere / remove small paths in illustrator
Last active May 30, 2018
this will remove illustrator paths under a given length ( to clean up smaller paths basically )
View remove small paths in illustrator
#target illustrator
var document = app.activeDocument;
var maxLength = prompt ("maximum length of a path", 10, "destroy them with lasers!");
for (i=0 ; i< document.pathItems.length; i++)
var ipath = document.pathItems[i]
if( ipath.hidden == true )continue;
var l = 0;
for( var j = 0; j < ipath.pathPoints.length - 1; j++ ){
var p0 = ipath.pathPoints[j].anchor;
View affine transform
// and
function adj(m) { // Compute the adjugate of m
return [
m[4]*m[8]-m[5]*m[7], m[2]*m[7]-m[1]*m[8], m[1]*m[5]-m[2]*m[4],
m[5]*m[6]-m[3]*m[8], m[0]*m[8]-m[2]*m[6], m[2]*m[3]-m[0]*m[5],
m[3]*m[7]-m[4]*m[6], m[1]*m[6]-m[0]*m[7], m[0]*m[4]-m[1]*m[3]
nicoptere / toOBJ
Created Apr 14, 2017
converts a THREE.geometry to OBJ
View toOBJ
var str = "# object mesh \n";
var vs = g.getAttribute("position").array;
var ind = g.getIndex().array;
var precision = 6;
for( var i = 0 ; i < vs.length; i+=3 ){
View Object3D.js
* Created by nico on 19/02/14.
var Object3d = function( node, position, rotation )
this.node = node;
this.parent = null;
View gist:abe6cabf590158c885ecce0768cee41c
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="UTF-8">
html, body{
overflow: hidden;
nicoptere / mixer
Created Jun 15, 2016
texture mixer
View mixer
<!DOCTYPE html>
<head lang="en">
<meta charset="UTF-8">
head, body{
overflow: hidden;
nicoptere / convert.jsx
Last active Jul 1, 2019
converts after effects layers' keyframes to JSON and saves file on hard drive.
View convert.jsx
//JSON object
"object"!=typeof JSON&&(JSON={}),function(){"use strict";function f(t){return 10>t?"0"+t:t}function this_value(){return this.valueOf()}function quote(t){return rx_escapable.lastIndex=0,rx_escapable.test(t)?'"'+t.replace(rx_escapable,function(t){var e=meta[t];return"string"==typeof e?e:"\\u"+("0000"+t.charCodeAt(0).toString(16)).slice(-4)})+'"':'"'+t+'"'}function str(t,e){var r,n,o,u,f,a=gap,i=e[t];switch(i&&"object"==typeof i&&"function"==typeof i.toJSON&&(i=i.toJSON(t)),"function"==typeof rep&&(,t,i)),typeof i){case"string":return quote(i);case"number":return isFinite(i)?i+"":"null";case"boolean":case"null":return i+"";case"object":if(!i)return"null";if(gap+=indent,f=[],"[object Array]"===Object.prototype.toString.apply(i)){for(u=i.length,r=0;u>r;r+=1)f[r]=str(r,i)||"null";return o=0===f.length?"[]":gap?"[\n"+gap+f.join(",\n"+gap)+"\n"+a+"]":"["+f.join(",")+"]",gap=a,o}if(rep&&"object"==typeof rep)for(u=rep.length,r=0;u>r;r+=1)"string"==typeof rep[r]&&(n=rep[r],o=str(n,i),o&&f.push
nicoptere / bresenham.js
Created Oct 20, 2015
bresenham circle / disc
View bresenham.js
function bresenhamCircle( cx,cy,r )
var x = 0,y = r,p;
ctx.fillRect( cx+x,cy-y, 1, 1 );
nicoptere / MercatorPlane.js
Last active Apr 7, 2019
THREE.js object that converts equirectangular (or spherical) projection to mercator projection
View MercatorPlane.js
var MercatorPlane = function()
// create the material
var vs = "varying vec2 vUv;\nvoid main() {\n vUv = uv;\ngl_Position = projectionMatrix * modelViewMatrix * vec4( position, 1.0 );\n}";
var fs = "uniform sampler2D map;\nvarying vec2 vUv;\n void main() {\nvec4 color = texture2D( map, vUv );\ngl_FragColor = color;\n}";
var material = new THREE.ShaderMaterial({
uniforms: {
map: { type: "t", value: null }
nicoptere / sortGauss.js
Created Aug 12, 2015
sorts an array by storing highest values in the "center"
View sortGauss.js
//sorts an array by storing highest values in the "center"
function sortGauss( array )
array.sort( function(a,b)
return a - b;
var a = [];
var b = [];
while( array.length > 0 )
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