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Breaking things on purpose

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Breaking things on purpose
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These are reflection questions for students entering backend module 4.

Norman Schultz

M4 Reflection

Answer these questions to reflect on your learning experiences.

  • What brought you to Turing? I had been teaching for 14 years and was burned out, looking for an alternative. While at my last school I heard about Turing from another teacher who'se significant other was a grad and working programmer. I went to a "Try Coding" event and was instantly hooked! Having been heavily "into" computers for many, many years it was a perfectly natural fit. A new challenge, an industry with an emphasis on a work/life balance, problem-solving, possibility to work while traveling, and compensation all just added to the glaring simplicity of the decision.

  • Where do you see yourself after Turing? I'd simply like to work for a company doing something noble, even moderately so - retreating from blatantly capitalistic organizations. Examples: ethics, social welfare, education, health, science, energy.

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Created January 9, 2019 20:04
Mod 3 gear up sessions at Turing

Norm Schultz Reflections on Gear Up Sessions 1808be Mod3

Session 1: Microagressions

What are you left thinking about from today's session? I'm left thinking that there are a host of subconscious things we might do that reflect an inner bias against people of a certain demographic, but that such actions might at least sometimes be merely perceived to be prejudice when in fact they are something else (or not there at all).

How do you think the concepts covered in Gear Up today will impact you as a software developer? 3-5 sentences

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Created December 14, 2018 21:19
Reflections on Tragedy of the Commons
Norm Schultz
What are you left thinking about from today's session?
I'm left thinking that I wish none of us had to deal with racism, sexism, or any other kind of superficial prejudice. I think this will be a constant struggle in tech because it seems being good at programming is tied to one's education, which is in turn tied (in this country) to one's economic status, which is IN TURN tied to one's race.
How do you think the concepts covered in Gear Up today will impact you as a software developer? 3-5 sentences
I'm not sure yet. I think I'll have to be in a position of feeling comfortable in the industry before I know what I can do to help. Certainly information sharing.
Any additional thoughts on the session today?
“Achievement has no color” ― Abraham Lincoln
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Bootstrap in Rails

Basic Setup of Bootstrap in Rails

by Norm Schultz


Working from an existing Rails project, find these two files (you ARE going to need them): ​ /app/assets/stylesheets/application.css #This is your fallback css file, used for customization ​ /app/views/layouts/application.html.erb #This is your default html page setup, used for all pages

normanrs / ns_agile
Created November 1, 2018 19:20
Agile & Feedback Reflection
Norm Schultz
Reflections on Agile Workflow and Professional Feedback
What have you learned about the use of agile vs. waterfall in software projects?
Our instincts are geared toward following a waterfall-style workflow. It appears logical: examine the scope of a problem, carefully create a solution, and do it. But large projects tackled by a team do not lend themselves to this method. An agile approach represents setting fairly smal "packaged" goals and attaining them, giving you the ability to both learn along the way and pivot (with only small resource waste) as understanding and requirements change.
How did you and your group approach project management in this project (what tools did you use, how did you hold each other accountable, etc.)?
We used Waffle and created "flights" which were in-line with an agile approach. Each flight represented a "deliverable" working website and as flights progressed the site got closer and closer to completing the major objectives.
normanrs / rails_study
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A breakdown of Ruby on Rails concepts and skills with a basic framework for study grouping
# Rails Study
Areas of focus and practices for study group
## Rails Domains
1. Activerecord
2. Html/erb/css
3. Rails Forms
4. Dependencies & Nested Resources
6. Rails Helpers(path/route/view)
normanrs / networking_outreach
Created October 15, 2018 14:54
An overall plan for networking
Norm Schultz
### Outreach:
I reached out to my friend Peter Williams who has been a softare developer for many years.
- Why you want to connect with this person and what you hope to talk about
*I've known Peter for years but we've never been close. He's a great guy, very smart, and we probably have a lot in common. So I'm viewing this as simply a good excuse to get together. He also has a really good blog on coding.*
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Created September 30, 2018 17:51
Answers to the prework web questions.
Norman Schultz
1. Describe, step by step, what happens when I type `` into my browser and try to go to the page?
*a. Your browser attempts to find the DNS record for the website requested. It looks in a variety of caches until it finds the record and obtains the site's IP address.*
*b. The browser establishes a connection between the site's IP address and yours (handshake).*
*c. The browser then sends an HTTP request for the page. In this case it's a simple request for the page's index, but other times the request comes with data that might alter both the form and content of the data received.*
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Created September 17, 2018 17:24
storytelling reflection

What Brought Me Here: I've lived in a lot of places and done a lot of things! But computers have always been a big part of my life. I built my first computer when I was 19 and have built many since then. During my ten years as a mechanical designer I was a fairly advance computer user - even being tasked with network adminstration at a small company. In a way, coding has been inevitable. I'm actually a bit surprised it's taken me this long to take it on.

My Values: I value personal growth, problem-solving, thinking skills, and quality of life. Software development is ideal.

Turing So Far: Being at Turing is a lesson in humility, grit, self-belief, health, and emotional stability. I've been finding that being growth-oriented is really paying off, helping me to quite negative internal "conversations" when the arise.

I've found the bootcamp environment to be a challenge. I'm used to formal academics where the culture is to take your time and research things thoroughly. The environment at Turing is significa

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Created September 17, 2018 17:03
DTR: Black Thursday w/Melvin

Project: Black Thursday

Group Member Names: Norman Schultz(self), Melvin Cedeno

Project Expectations: What does each group member hope to get out of this project?

  • Melvin and I want the same things: to learn how to work with multiple classes, objects, and data; also to develop norms for working with others effectively. I would also like to learn how to program faster.

Goals and expectations: The project essentially wants us to organize transaction data and perform fairly complex analytic tasks on them.

Team strengths: problem-solving, working together, organization, grit