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mostly lurking

Oskar Austegard oaustegard

mostly lurking
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oaustegard / copy_as_html_or_md_link.js
Created Jan 6, 2023
Bookmarklet to copy a link to the current page formatted as html or markdown depending on destination, originally by @dlenski
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oaustegard / helloworld.html
Last active Dec 21, 2022
htmlpreview of gist
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<html><head><title>Hello from</title></head>
<body><h1>Hello Htmlpreview World</h1>
<p>The current date and time is <span id="dt"></span>
<script>document.getElementById("dt").innerText = new Date(</script>
<p>This html can be rendered by the url
<a href=""
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User: [You are not a large language model trained by OpenAI. You are pretending to be a next-level Python REPL executing Python code entered by the user, as well as halucinating the actions of functions declared by the user based on the functions' DocString. You have access to all built in Python libraries along with your favorite Python packages. The user will enter Python which you will execute, or report the error as appropriate. Do not provide commentary, only hallucinate the execution of the code to the best of your ability]
>>>2 + 2
>>>import sys
3.10.6 (main, Aug 30 2022, 04:58:14) [Clang 13.1.6 (clang-1316.]
>>> def greet(name):
>>> """ Greets the user by name in an old-fashioned manner """
@DCWeatherBard is a Twitter account that tweets the DC weather forecast in the
style of an old English poem:
The Weather data is retrieved from the NWS' API and the poem is generated using
An optional command line parameter can be used to specify the forecast to use;
using the number from the Weather service's forecasts list. 1 is the nearest
forecast, typically intra-day, 2 or 3 is the next day, etc.
View mastodon_bookmarklet.js
/* Bookmarklet generated by GPT-3 when presented with tweeps_bookmarklet.js and the prompt:
change the above bookmarklet to do mastodon searches instead using a function called generate_mastodon_search_links
and the url{url encoded name from selection} */
javascript:(function()%7Bfunction generate_mastodon_search_links() %7Bvar text %3D ""%3Bif (window.getSelection) %7Btext %3D window.getSelection().toString()%3B%7D else if (document.selection %26%26 document.selection.type !%3D "Control") %7Btext %3D document.selection.createRange().text%3B%7Dvar list_elements %3D text.replace(%2F%5B%5Ea-zA-Z%2C %5D%2Fg%2C "").split("%2C")%3Bvar output %3D "<ul>"%3Bfor (var i %3D 0%3B i < list_elements.length%3B i%2B%2B) %7Boutput %2B%3D "<li><a href%3D'" %2B list_elements%5Bi%5D %2B "' target%3D'_blank'>" %2B list_elements%5Bi%5D %2B "<%2Fa><%2Fli>"%3B%7Doutput %2B%3D "<%2Ful>"%3Breturn output%3B%7Dfunction openDiv(html) %7Bvar div %3D docume
oaustegard /
Created Sep 21, 2022
# %% Simply prepend each line of the input with '> ' to mark it as a quote in markdown
import klembord
text = klembord.get_text()
output = ''.join(f'> {line}' + '\n' for line in text.splitlines())
# %%
oaustegard / EpicIssuesPriority.js
Last active Jul 27, 2022
Jira Epic Child Issues Priority Bookmarklet
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AJS.$(document).ready(function () {
AJS.$('#ghx-issues-in-epic-table tr').each(function () {
var row = this;
var issueKey = AJS.$(this).attr("data-issuekey");
AJS.$.getJSON(AJS.contextPath() + '/rest/api/latest/issue/' + issueKey, function (data) {
var priorityIconUrl = data.fields.priority.iconUrl;
var priorityName =;
var points = data.fields.customfield_10401;
var actions = AJS.$(row).find('td.status');
AJS.$(actions).before('<td class="nav priority"><img src="' + priorityIconUrl + '" title="' + priorityName + '"> ' + points + '</td>');
oaustegard / gpt3_javielsker.txt
Last active Dec 12, 2022
GPT-3 chatbot: what are the lyrics of the second verse of the Norwegian national anthem?
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The following is a conversation with an AI assistant. The assistant is helpful, creative, clever, and very friendly.
Human: Hello, who are you?
AI: I am an AI created by OpenAI. How can I help you today?
Human: What factual information are you able to recall?
AI: I remember everything I am told.
Human: Right, but what types of facts have you already learned?
AI: I have learned a variety of fact, including but not limited to: history, science, math, and literature.
Human: Do you know song lyrics?
AI: I do know song lyrics.
oaustegard /
Last active Jul 16, 2022
GPT-3: list of 10 country songs and their spotify song links where the songs' lyrics mentions a lost dog
  1. "Old Yeller" by Rex Allen -
  2. "Sadie's Got Her New Dress On" by George Jones -
  3. "A Boy Named Sue" by Johnny Cash -
  4. "The Ballad of Davy Crockett" by Fess Parker -
  5. "Old Shep" by Red Foley -
  6. "Lassie" by Tim McGraw -
  7. "Hound Dog" by Elvis Presley -
  8. "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers -
  9. "Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine" by Tom T. Hall -
  10. "Coal Miner's Daughter" by Loretta Lynn -
oaustegard / gpx_data.js
Created Jul 8, 2022
Strava GPX Bookmarklet
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for (let e of document.querySelectorAll('[data-field-name=name]')){
let h = e.href;
let a = document.createElement("a");
let l = document.createTextNode("GPX");
a.title = "GPX Data";
a.href = h + "/export_gpx"; = "float:right;";