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Olivier Wulveryck owulveryck

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owulveryck / Makefile
Last active November 16, 2023 18:52
Makefile to convert images to a pdf suitable for presentatio on reMarkable 2
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# Makefile to convert images (JPG or PNG) to a grayscale 4-bit PDF with a custom message, contrast adjustment, 8 levels of gray, and a background image using ImageMagick
# Output PDF file name
OUTPUT = output.pdf
# File containing the list of image filenames
IMAGE_LIST_FILE = slides.txt
# Temporary directory for images with messages
TEMP_DIR = temp_msg
owulveryck /
Last active September 26, 2023 18:39
Ceci est une traduction (faite à l’aide de ChatGPT) de l'article de Simon Wardley:

Investir judicieusement dans un monde technologique hybride.


Au cours des 15 derniers mois, j'ai travaillé sur un projet de recherche qui examine la question de l'investissement dans un monde technologique hybride (ancien et nouveau).

Devrais-je investir dans le cloud ou construire une plateforme ou dépenser pour l'IA ou peut-être passer au serverless ou déployer de l'IoT ? Comment investir judicieusement ?

La technologie (cloud, plateforme, IA, sans serveur, IoT) n'est que des outils. Ils ne sont pas différents des marteaux ou scies ou ciseaux ou machines à coudre ou pinceaux.

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delegates his need to a virtual assistant - LLM
customer who wants to protect themselves from the sun -- classic search engine
classic search engine - digital company
//customer who wants to protect themselves from the sun.-- classic search engine
classic search engine: {
color: Red
customer who wants to protect themselves from the sun - semantic search engine
semantic search engine: {
owulveryck / AAA
Created February 1, 2023 15:12
Random Coffee
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cat data | go run main.go

owulveryck / AAA
Last active December 19, 2022 20:41
WTG: New attempt for a Wardley DSL
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Download the utilities

Download the utility for your plateform from the GitHub repo

Example for Linux:

curl -L -o - | tar xzvf -

Generate a file

owulveryck / figure1.go
Last active November 30, 2022 06:54
Article Wardley sources
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// Stages of evolution
package main
import (
owulveryck / main.go
Last active June 5, 2023 09:01
Simon Wardley's (sarcastic) quick route to building a strategy
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package main
import (
owulveryck /
Last active October 12, 2022 14:01
Wardley Map with Graphviz

Generate the map

gvpack -u board.gv map.gv annotations.gv | neato -n -Tsvg > map.svg

Generate the gvmap

echo "digraph {$( cat board.gv annotations.gv <(gvmap -e map.gv) | egrep -v "digraph|^}$")}" | neato -n -Tsvg > withgvmap.svg

owulveryck /
Last active August 7, 2022 07:51
Sally - Vasco Rossi - Piano || Lilypond source
\version "2.22.2"
\header {
title = "Sally"
composer = "Vasco Rossi"
harmonies = \chordmode {
d2 d:maj7 |
d1:7 |
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package cmd
import (
type TimeTraveler struct {