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Alwayz Into Somethin'

Romain Lafourcade romainl

Alwayz Into Somethin'
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romainl / gist:9970697
Last active Sep 14, 2022
How to use Tim Pope's Pathogen
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How to use Tim Pope’s Pathogen

I’ll assume you are on Linux or Mac OSX. For Windows, replace ~/.vim/ with $HOME\vimfiles\ and forward slashes with backward slashes.

The idea

Vim plugins can be single scripts or collections of specialized scripts that you are supposed to put in “standard” locations under your ~/.vim/ directory. Syntax scripts go into ~/.vim/syntax/, plugin scripts go into ~/.vim/plugin, documentation goes into ~/.vim/doc/ and so on. That design can lead to a messy config where it quickly becomes hard to manage your plugins.

This is not the place to explain the technicalities behind Pathogen but the basic concept is quite straightforward: each plugin lives in its own directory under ~/.vim/bundle/, where each directory simulates the standard structure of your ~/.vim/ directory.

romainl / gist:1f93db9dc976ba851bbb
Last active Sep 15, 2022
Vim: available lowercase key pairs in normal mode…
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cd cm co cp cq cr cs cu cv cx cy cz
dc dm dq dr ds du dv dx dy dz
gb gc gl gs gy
vc vd vm vo vp vq vr vs vu vv vx vy vz
yc yd ym yo yp yq yr ys yu yv yx yz
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Last active Feb 24, 2022
Idiomatic vimrc
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Large Object Motions:
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Possible Title Ideas

  • The Patient Vimmer
  • Vim from the Bottom Up
  • The Competent Vimmer
  • Versed in Vim
  • Cultivating Vimmers
  • Grooming Vimmers
  • The Vim of Editing
  • Vim is Beautiful -- Editing as if People Mattered
# Author: Todd Larason <>
# $XFree86: xc/programs/xterm/vttests/,v 1.2 2002/03/26 01:46:43 dickey Exp $
# use the resources for colors 0-15 - usually more-or-less a
# reproduction of the standard ANSI colors, but possibly more
# pleasing shades
# colors 16-231 are a 6x6x6 color cube
for ($red = 0; $red < 6; $red++) {
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TabLineFill _TabLineFill ModeMsg _ModeMsg
TabLine _TabLine DiffAdd _DiffAdd
LineNr _LineNr Search _Search
Ignore _Ignore PmenuSel _PmenuSel
CursorColumn _CursorColumn PmenuThumb _PmenuThumb
CursorLine _CursorLine CursorLineNr _CursorLineNr
SignColumn _SignColumn TabLineSel _TabLineSel
Pmenu _Pmenu Visual _Visual
FoldColumn _FoldColumn WildMenu _WildMenu
Folded _Folded DiffText _DiffText
romainl /
Last active Aug 12, 2021
RNB, a Vim colorscheme template
romainl /
Last active Nov 7, 2021
Show ]I, [I, ]D, [D, :ilist and :dlist results — even spanning multiple files — in the quickfix window.
romainl / .slate
Created May 6, 2015
My Slate config
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# ~/.slate
# Aliases
alias top-left screenOriginX+screenSizeX/8;screenOriginY+screenSizeY/8
alias width-height (screenSizeX/8)*6;(screenSizeY/8)*6
# Config
config defaultToCurrentScreen true
config resizePercentOf screenSize