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Programming media keys on the Ducky One 2 Skyline

Programming Media Keys on the Ducky One 2 Skyline

To use media keys on the Ducky One 2 Skyline, you must record a macro to bind the media function to a hotkey combination, i.e. Fn plus some key.


Important: In the instructions below, "Press X+Y+Z" means press and hold key X, press and hold key Y, press and hold key Z in that order, and then release all three.

As an example, to bind Fn+PgUp to the play/pause media function:

  • Press Fn+2 to activate profile #2. Profile #1 (factory default) is not programmable. Indicator lights will flash twice.
  • Press and hold Fn+Ctrl for 3 seconds to start recording a macro. Indicator lights will flash slowly.
  • Press Fn+PgUp to define the Fn+PgUp hotkey combo. Indicator lights will flash quickly.
  • Press Fn+Win+D to bind the key combo to the play/pause function. Indicator lights will continue to flash quickly.
  • Press Fn+Ctrl to complete recording. Indicator lights will stop flashing.
  • The media key is now bound. Press Fn+PgUp to play/pause.


To reset the current profile and clear all bindings, press and hold Win+Space for 3 seconds. The indicator lights will flash for a short while.

Media Key Legend

The following functions can be bound to hotkeys using the method above.

  • Fn+Win+A: Mute
  • Fn+Win+B: Volume Up
  • Fn+Win+C: Volume Down
  • Fn+Win+D: Play/Pause
  • Fn+Win+E: Stop
  • Fn+Win+F: Next Track
  • Fn+Win+G: Previous Track
  • Fn+Win+H: Calculator
  • Fn+Win+I: My Computer
  • Fn+Win+J: Browser
  • Fn+Win+K: Mail
  • Fn+Win+L: Multimedia
  • Fn+Win+M: Search
  • Fn+Win+N: Navigate Backwards
  • Fn+Win+O: Navigate Forwards
  • Fn+Win+P: Mouse Left Click
  • Fn+Win+Q: Mouse Right Click
  • Fn+Win+R: Mouse Middle Click
  • Fn+Win+S: Mouse Cursor Up
  • Fn+Win+T: Mouse Cursor Down
  • Fn+Win+U: Mouse Cursor Left
  • Fn+Win+V: Mouse Cursor Right
  • Fn+Win+W: Mouse Scroll Up
  • Fn+Win+X: Mouse Scroll Down
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crash5 commented Sep 30, 2021

I'm trying to set a macro for quarter Increasing volume in Mac (which is Alt+Shift + Volume Up). The macro is recored correctly and it's increasing the volume in the requested resolution but it's laggy. Pressing and holding the macro is not working as well. Any suggestions?

@roi-shtivi: use the speed and mode settings from the image linked above:

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baidusoubudao commented Oct 8, 2021

Thanks! Help a lot.
I also found out this file was quite intuitive too.

Google --AkkoxDucky_Zero_3108_PBTside_manual

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4pimar commented Dec 21, 2021

Thanks for the help! the book didn't really help me with the keybinds lol

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hellosagar commented May 10, 2022

Thanks \o/

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eric-burel commented Jun 28, 2022

The manual seems to state that F1-F12 cannot be used for the shortcut, any way to bypass that? Not having volume up on Fn+F12 is terribly annoying, on a TKL I don't have much other keys to map shortcuts to

I mean seriously, I cannot use any shortcut that makes sense, apart maybe Pg up and down...


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tleb commented Jul 4, 2022

@eric-burel I'd recommend those keybindings. I'm also on a TKL keyboard, and the Fn + the 6-key pad on the right makes it easy to control media using your right hand. One row for volume and one for media control. Haven't tried using F-keys, they feel too inaccessible for me to use.

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mjklinck commented Jul 28, 2022

ty for this

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edwardmoradian commented Sep 27, 2022

Thank you!

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